screen flicker and audio drop


Dec 20, 2010
Hi Everyone

under I asked for suggestions on an AMP I was looking to buy. I ended up getting Marantz NR1508.

we have an Apple TV connected via HDMI to the AMP, and then the AMP connected to the 4k TV. So nothing really odd / off about the setup here.

we get blank screens and audio drops shortly after the screen goes black in the middle of content. Does not matter what we are watching on the Apple TV... it just happens.

Hubby and I think it's a HDCP issue between the Apple TV and the Amp.

When we use the PS4 (connected in the same way) we do not get any drops.

we have tried two apple TV's (thinking it might be the device).

This is the 2nd AMP (for we were upgrading from another AMP - thinking the AMP was dying) which has the issue.

Only thing we did not replace yet was the TV.

we are using the cables which came with the Apple TV, PS4 (swapped between devices), or these

For now we hook the Apple TV directly to the TV and than audio from TV to AMP via optical. This is less than Idea for I'm told this is stereo only.

anyone else have the issue? Suggestions?


Supreme [H]ardness
May 27, 2001
spdif from tv to receiver will carry surround sound, just not the HD formats.