Scorm Scout 2 and SLI?


Feb 23, 2013
Im building a new computer and unfortunately the cabinet the case would go it is only 22 inches tall so i need to stick with a mid tower case. I was looking over different cases and found the storm scout 2 which seems like a real nice mid tower case for the money. It says you can remove the lower HD cage and then graphics cards over 15 inches fit. Would i be able to fit two in SLI? Anyone know? Thanks! :)
Case with upper HDD panel removed:


Shouldn't be a problem at all...

Heck, I even wedged 2 GTX580 video cards in my Scout (original) that has a lot less room:

Of course you would have room, as long as your mother oars supported it! Just make sure you have some good airflow, it looks a bit cramped in there.
This is probably a stupid question you guys keep your case on the floor, in a cabinet or on your desktop?
Used to keep mine on my desk, but I moved it to a nice thick wood butcherblock plank on the floor.

It's quieter when it is down low instead of being right next to my head!

I don't recommend placing any system directly on carpet, you will get more issues with dust and fibers clogging your filters...

Just about any old hard surface will do, an extra shelf from a bookshelf is perfect.