Science Fantasy RPG, ELEX is Out


Jun 22, 2008
Publisher THQ Nordic has released its latest game ELEX for the masses. Developed by German-based Piranha Bytes of Risen and Gothic fame, the studio enters into the science-fantasy genre, which isn't a far cry from its previous franchises. Although rough around the edges, the game does have an in-depth choice system that affects what happens in the campaign -- said every game studio ever.

Catch a glimpse of the Euro jank.
Developed by German-based Piranha Bytes...rough around the edges
Yep, sounds like Piranha Bytes. Truly unique setting, loads of characters to interact with over mostly small but impactful story choices, a world with few invisible walls but plenty of unforgiving enemies, odd but rewarding RPG systems, and all kinds of unexpected quirks throughout, from the delightful to the infuriating. If you buy into it, though, the internal logic of the world means you'll rarely find a more engaging and reactive game to lose yourself in for 30-60 hours, and this looks to be more of the same.
The game seems really neat. I'm going to wait for a sale and see if they patch some stuff, like the ally AI, though.
Environmental design is amazing, though game world looks "a mile wide but an inch deep", combat looks painfully jankity, audio sync problems galore.

Still interested, I want to like this game. I love open world exploration, and you never really know how good/bad until you play a title for yourself. Maybe after a few patches.
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I'm also impressed by this video. Seems like a good Steam sale game once I'm done with South Park and Destiny. Give 'em time to patch things up a bit, too.
With shadow of war and south park out, this thing has got lost in the shuffle for sure, putting on back burner.
Why does everything look like it is in 1990's slow motion? The walking looks slow, the lasers look oddly slow, it just feels like a frame speed limited rendering. I mean it looks pretty and I'm certainly interested enough to watch it a bit and see how the reviews are, but it feels kind of weird in that video.
Why has no one heard of this?

Probably has something to do with the fact that they are known to make games that are buggy and quite clunky to play, I did know it was comming, but waiting on reviews b4 I jump in.
I've been waiting for this game for a while being a big Gothic fan, though recent feedback on Steam made me really unsure. Also people's screenshots IQ is very far from what's being advertised. IDK, maybe I'll just get it and find out for myself. Can always request a refund but despite the issues I do like their games and want to support them. I do feel the price should be somewhat less, I recall Gothic 4 came out at $40.
This will be $20 before you know it, and maybe it will be patched up by then. Save your pennies until later.
ffs, why did they have to make it fps style? RPG's gain nothing from that :(

If you've ever played their earlier games you'd see this is just more of the same. Risen 1 especially was probably a tech demo to bring them into relevance, and was extremely advanced graphically on release. It was also a complete surprise that seemed to just simply show up out of nowhere. Risen 2/3 took a less graphically overwhelming approach and started to instead focus deeper on mechanics, story, gameplay, and all the things that balance a good game.

I got this and south park last night so I'm set for the next month or two rpg wise. I'll probably have to play South Park first since they are doing some show tie-ins with the game launch.

Also, Keep in mind that the Gothic series (which ELEX is a relative of) were essentially the games that the Witcher series was modeled after. CDPRs first game creators talk about this in detail in a recent documentary discussing the inception of CDPRs game division.
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ffs, why did they have to make it fps style? RPG's gain nothing from that :(

I like everything that way and mostly despise a 3rd person view unless it's isometric like Diablo2 was, but that's my preferences.
Piranha Bytes games are great..... 2 years after release.

I was just going to say this. Their games are always worth playing, but only after like the 50th patch. The Gothic games were great about a year after they came out. This will be a Steam/Xbox sale for me.