Scare The Crap Out Of People In AR


May 13, 2013
Apple's ARKit is giving more and more developers the opportunity to create new experiences. Abishek Singhs newest project recreates the iconic scene from 2002s "The Ring" where the creepy girl crawls out of the TV and into the physical world.

With some more highly polished graphics that would be really incredible, not to take anything away from it the way it is now. It's going to be an interesting few years while AR and VR continue to figure out their places.
Oh I can't wait

Scare people in AR? Hell no... Just like mechanical bulls were a thing in bars, after dwarf tossing got banned (you youngsters will never know what you've missed and how small your world is), obviously getting people drunk and then putting them in AR is gonna be a new thing. Yeah. I called it.
This would be really good for movie making. Actors can see where cgi effects would be. I think now actors have to pretend to be looking at a cgi object.