SC2 Beta Inv Available, PM me (must be 2year+ member)

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Did you just get a friends key today?

I have got one friends key so far, just wondering if its possible to get more.
Either lock it or come up with another code; that said, thanks for putting it on [H]!
If anyone has any left, I would be interested. Thanks.
Shucks I missed out, but awesome freebie OP! Hope there will be others willing to give up a spare key ^^
Im guessing im too slow but please lend a senior member a gift that will keep on giving :)
If anyone is looking to this thread to give out keys, I would appreciate one as well. Played SC/BW religiously for four years and have been comping at the bit to try out SCII.
Been forever to play SC:BW.. I'd love to take an extra key if it;s out there....

SC: BW copies are as small as 80MB now if you dl the non-cinematic copies from Blizzard's Store making it a perfect game to play while at university. Have a slow lecturing professor in a lab? Access to a computer with a 1MB/sec downloading speed or greater? Play starcraft BW in under 60s! :D Great lan game too and if you can vince others to play with you. Why not? Its only their grades your sabotaging with an unending addiction.
damn wish i saw this earlier, having a really hard time getting one from the keys they post on facebook.
yes. let's just keep bumping this topic for no reason! I want a SC2 key afterall :p
Woo in for one :D

EDIT: omg I am still considered lower then 2 years? give a guy a break lol 1.9 years :<
they are giving away dozens of keys on facebook everyday, if you really want one trying snagging one there. Props to the OP for giving one away.
Getting a key on Facebook is basically impossible. I tried all last week, and you have to be able to read and type a key (which is sometimes written in mirrored form) in well under 5 seconds. My best so far is 7 seconds while my brother read the key out to me...still didn't get in.
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