SBS2003 R2- user not in sbs domain not recieving emails from users inside the domain

The Spyder

Jun 18, 2002
Here is a good one for you guys. I am a bit stumped. It could be something rather simple.

I have a client with SBS2003 R2. They have 6 users. 5 are in the office, one is remote. This remote address does not use outlook or connect via VPN to the server. The SBS uses Microsofts IMAP connector and downloads the email to the SBS. The 5 users in house can email each other, other people outside the domain, but not the 1 remote user. They all have the same address. My understanding is that the emails to her are resolving locally, she does have a user account on the server (not a pop3 connector acct). Should I just remove her email address from her user account?

Google found me this.;en-us;300681

I tried Method 1 with no success, but was unsure if I should attempt Method 2?


[H]F Junkie
Jul 19, 2004
Not clear on your you have 6x users on your SBS box? 5x in house, and 1x at a satellite branch that does not authenticate to the domain.

And you're using the POP3 connector to pull e-mail from a mailhost out there which houses the POP3 mailboxes?

Is the default recipient policy of the Exchange server set to this ""?

The first 5x users can send/receive locally to the domain.local addresses? Did you manually add a default SMTP address for each user for

Can e-mails to this 6th person show up in her inbox if you check from OWA?

Do you see what happens to e-mails for this 6th person in Exchange Message Tracking Center?