Sblive softmod

Mar 9, 2004
Has anyone tried the softmod @ driver's heaven on an sblive value? Ive downloaded the 4 part install, but the setup.exe failed to start (executed and immediately closed) and the iso link is way to slow.

In the slim chance you've had, (I've learned about this from this forum btw) will this allow a sblive owner to take advantage of the newer EAX versions? My ultimate goal is to enable EAX on thief 3, which doesnt support the non-audigy versions of eax.

Thanks for any info you can give.
interesting, i'm stuck w/ a sb live value for the moment. once i get these drivers installed i'll tell you how things go :) if only the links were faster
Your problem is going to be that even if you somehow get the EAX 3 software installed, the Live contains an older chip that doesn't actually have the processing power to run it, so in the best case your computer will slow down a bit with EAX enabled, and in the worst case it will be unable to physically process the information.
eh well i did everything they said... and i don't see what's so great about it. my drivers were updated, etc... but in all honesty i don't see what the huge deal is. i'm not sure exactly what i expected... but...? but i did seem to lose a crapload of cram. i usually have about 320megs free w/ nothing open. now i'm around 250... i haven't changed anything except install the drivers, etc... so... yah...
All I really want from any sound blaster card is EAX, and I dont really want to buy an realitively old audigy2 zs for one game. I know this is asking alot, so feel free to say screw it, but could you try it out on thief3 for me?

Thanks alot for even trying it out, btw which link did you use? I guess I need a find a dl manager that can resume from http, but I really hate such apps.
How is an Audigy 2 ZS "relatively" old? It's one of the best consumer sound cards on the market, despite it's bloatware properties when it comes to its driver package.


I have the A2ZS drivers installed over my Audigy 1 on two different computers, and it doesn't take up anything in terms of processor, hd space, or ram usage as much as some other people would like to make other people believe :rolleyes:. Don't update your drivers, re-install them completely.
maybe it's different because I have a sb live value? i followed the instructions i un-installed the old live drivers, and rebooted.... then followed up by doing the rest of that crap and applied all the patches and subsequent driver updates after the base cd install [i used the .iso as opposed to the 4 part winrar archive... or whatever it is]. So after numerous reboots my sound works... my drivers show 2/23/04 [which oddly enough is my b-day... minus year of course]... but i don't exactly see what the huge deal is. is there some utility that will allow you to test is eax[insert number] is compatible. hd space is at a premium on my computer right now :( 2x9gig scsi drives, 1x40 gig, 1x60 gig, 1x120 gig just doesn't cut it anymore :(
Well I wouldn't expect the jump in performance or sound quality to be that great because yes, you do have a Live! series. However, a lot of people miss the part of uninstalling the WDM drivers left previously by Creative. There's a execute in the ZS installation folder somewhere labeled "CTZAPXX.exe", which completely removes any crap left behind after uninstalling the software.

The big deal about it is that in comparison to previous Audigy and Live! series, the drivers were buggy and not as stable, and didn't provide great improvements in terms of sound quality. Still bloated, but better nonetheless.
For those of you that do not know.
There is a patch that fixs the EQ problem the ZS drivers have on the "legacy" cards.