Satellite and MCE question


Supreme [H]ardness
Jan 30, 2005
I'm thinking about moving to Satellite but there is just a few questions I have.

#1 How can I use the MCE guide menu to change the channels on a Satellite reciever? So I can tell MCE to record this show and not have to manually change the channel.

#2 How is the wiring going to work with Satellite? Do I run a seperate line to each reciever from the dish or can it work like cable and just split one line to each dish?


Mar 24, 2000
1) You need an IR blaster to send commands from the MCE machine to the STB, it is possible to control some STB's via serial as well but not sure how MCE deals with that.

2) You either need to run individual feeds from each stb directly to the dish, up to 4 STB's can be done this way. If more than 4 STB's you will need to have a multi-switch installed which will be able to pass the correct voltages back and forth between the multiple STB's and the LNB's on the dish.