SATA port (provided by C602 chipset) not recognized in Windows 10


Jul 17, 2012
problem: Devices connected to the 2nd SATA port is not recognized in Windows10.

some info:
  • HP Z820 desktop with 2 SATA ports (from Intel chipset) + 4 SCU SATA ports (from chipset and unused) + 8 SATA ports from an LSI chip (I got no idea what SCU means)
  • I am not experiencing issues with the 1st SATA port. I can see any device connected to the 1st SATA port.
  • Both ports (and the connected devices) are recognized and usable in Manjaro (installed on a separate SSD)
  • The HDD is formatted as NTFS.
Test I've done/things I've checked:
  • In the BIOS, the connected HDD shows up (connected to the 2nd SATA port). I also have a BDROM in the first SATA port.
  • With my HDD not showing up in Windows, I've looked at Device Manager in Windows10 but there are no errors/issues there.
  • I've swapped my BDROM and HDD. Both still shows up in the BIOS. But the BDROM has disappeared from Windows while the HDD showed up in Windows.
  • As another test, I've connected my SSD (containing Manjaro at the moment) on the 1st SATA port and connected the HDD on the 2nd SATA port. I can see both disks when I booted into Manjaro/Linux. I can even mount the HDD (read only) inside Linux.
  • I have no issues with any HDDs when connected to the SATA ports provided by the LSI chip (IT-mode).

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Fully [H]
Oct 7, 2000
what does it look like in disk manager? tried changing drive letters?
Apr 29, 2002
Can you clear up your terminology please? You have 3 banks of SATA ports. the 2 port bank, the 4 port bank and the 8 port. When you say 2nd port is not working, do you mean bank number 2 entirely? Per docs, the 4 port SCU bank is Intel's RSTe enterprise class SATA 3.0gb header and requires separate drivers in Windows.


Sep 15, 2007
Has the drive shown before, or is it a new unformatted drive? You may need to mount and initialize it in disk manager.