Sapphire Pure Radeon 7800xt Opinions?


Feb 27, 2024
I've been doing a little research here and there and I'm going to grab the Sapphire Pure Radeon 7800xt 16gb w/ AMD Ryzen 5 7600x and MSI Pro B650M wifi. Right now the Ryzen 7600x is on sale for $214.99. the only thing is, I haven't seen much people post about either gpu or cpu. I feel like I'm getting to much of a steal on the CPU to pass up. Is the Sapphire a good gpu? This is my first PC. Thanks!
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sapphire is decent, should be good.
Ok thanks, people on Reddit are saying the build is pretty solid. Probably gonna pull the trigger and order the CPU, GPU, MOBO, RAM, and SSD tonight. Especially since the CPU is on sale for $214