sapphire 9600xt ult vs. ati 9600xt


Mar 20, 2004
in your opinion, which card has the best cooling solution, the sapphire 9600xt ultimate or the ati 9600xt? i dont care if the card is noisy or not, i just want the coolest.

heres a pic of the ult:

Well the Sapphire 9600XT Ultimate is 256mb, isn't it?

Also, are you overclocking? Is that why you need it to run cool?
but...i cant even tell the difference between the ultimate and the regular. just the cooling I assume? the fan on the normal probabily isnt noisy at all but if youre going for absolute silence, the heatpipe is best.

why are you getting the 9600XT anyway, its a ripoff card?
Originally posted by angrybusdriver
Well the Sapphire 9600XT Ultimate is 256mb, isn't it?

Also, are you overclocking? Is that why you need it to run cool?

nope, still 128
the ultimate cant be that bad. ocp gave it the "must have hardware" award.

and yes, i was planning on overclocking it. i ordered a pci fan to put right next to it. would the fan cool the heatsink on the ultimate efficiently? or would the fan cool the ati 9600 xt better?
The cooler with a fan on it will run "cooler". I read a review on both cards somewhere, and the ultimate w/heatpipe got a bit warmer than a 9600xt w/hsf.

If you want the "coolest" cooling solution, buy whatever card you want and get a 1u copper cooler with it. then take off the stock cooler, line up the 1u copper unit, drill 1 hole at a time to make sure they line up correctly, and mount it.

then, you can o/c the piss out of it and not worry about heat at all. although the 9600xt's run quite cool to begin with...they do start to generate heat when you o/c it 140+Mhz above stock on the core :rolleyes:
I have the 9600 Pro Ultimate, and I'm here to tell you the tiny heatpipe sucks for OCing. It gets very warm even at stock. I got someone to give me a 9600XT HSF for shipping, and my OC went from 440 to 480, and then after volt-mod to 517.

It does work well at stock in my wife's machine which has NO case fans, and a low speed fan on the PSU. Dead quiet machine.
go with sapphire, BBA will have 3.3ns (300mhz) mem comapred to sapphires 2.8ns (350mhz)

kron suck it, my 9600pro wans't a ripoff.
at around $130 the 9600xt is not a ripoff card, and does perform faster than a 9600pro. I haven't seen any 9600pros being overclocked to 640+Mhz on the core.

have you owned a 9600xt??? looks to me like you've got a 9800se modded to 9800pro. The only thing making the 9800se you have not a ripoff is the fact you were able to mod it.