Sapphire 6950 Dirt 3 EFI/Bios issue


Aug 23, 2002

So I was given a 6950 about a year ago that was more or less bricked, wouldn't post in anything, I suspect a bad flash. I've managed to put what I believe is the right rom (Sapphire.HD6950.2048.110322.bin) back onto it, and it is posting and being recognized by the drivers correctly in my X38 based test system running Windows 7. Works perfectly benchmarks fine and everything, When I try and put the card into my X79 system Windows 7, the system refuses to display video with 3 beeps on POST.

Running atiflash -ai:

Adapter 0 (BN=01, DN=00, PCID=67191002, SSID186B174B)

Asic Family : Cayman
Flash Type : PM25LV010 (128KB)
Product Name : Cayman Pro Hill GDDR5 Bios
Bios Config File : 186P0400.S44
Bios P/N : 113-1E18620-S44
Bios Version :
Bios Date : 03/22/11 05:13

Rom file came from:

I'm assuming this may have something to do with the X79 which uses EFI vs the X38 which is a standard BIOS but am at a loss as to what to try next. Any Ideas?