Samsung ZA model Soundbars - What are these?

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  1. Maddnotez

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    Nov 28, 2014
    Anyone know what the ZA means?

    I have been soundbar shopping, I have seen this happen before where a company will add a couple of random letters at the end that is not on their website. In this particular case I am looking at the Samsung HW-R60M/ZA.

    When you search their site the model is not there. I was able to find a HW-R60M on their support section via google but it did not have the ZA.

    This was part of a black friday deal I believe so I am assuming these are some lower quality one off model made for black friday and clearance specials? Hard to make a choice here, seems like a great deal and a great soundbar but if it is a low end wal mart special then IDK.

    Edit: Sorry for the wasted bandwidth. I was able to find this quote with another search. Will leave here in case anyone else comes here searching for the same answer.

    "ZA: This is the country marker letting us know it's a unit built for use in the USA. You'll see others like HW-K550/ZC in which the ZC means it was built for use in Canada."
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  2. luisxd

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    Nov 26, 2014
    It's where it was made. I worked in an LG factory and some stuff like TVs and subwoofers use to have this kind of suffix.