Samsung S27B970D & Denon D2000 Headphones

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Jan 9, 2010
I accept paypal, PM if interested, no low-balling. Faster shipping is optional if you are willing to pay for it. No trade, no low balls. I live in Canada, shipping to the US will likely take at least a week. Prices include shipping & pay pal fees.

Will trade the 970D trade for a gtx titan or a gtx 780+cash.


Samsung S27B970D: SOLD

Samsung sent me a new S27B970D to replace my S27A850D. I already own a glossy 1440p display and do not like glass so I want to sell it. Price includes shipping and paypal fees. The 970D costs 1000$+tax new!

This is a BRAND NEW monitor which I received on May 23rd. I opened it to check for back-light bleeding and make sure it worked properly. There is no back-light bleeding and it works perfectly.

I can calibrate it with my i1 display pro colorimeter at the buyers request, for free.

Samsung S27B970D

Back-Light Lights On

Back-Light Lights Off

Back-Light Lights Off Higher Exposure

Denon D200: SOLD

Selling these so I can get Beyerdynamic T90's.

Purchased these new in 2010, in very good condition from a smoke & infant free home. The left hangar screw cap+screw+hanger popped out a while back. I recently ordered new pieces (Hanger Top, Spring A, Washer x2, Hexagon Nut) from Denon but they did not send a replacement cap. I have the original cap but it needs to be re-glued.

I posted about my troubles here:

Denon D2000

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3
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