Samsung S27A750D 27" Class Widescreen 3D LED Backlit Monitor - 1920 x 1080, 16:9, Meg

well I got mine in and I must say I am extremley pleased with it. Although there was some confustion if there was any other software required to convert existing games into 3D and while there is Tri-Def and the like, I found that by simply enabling it from the monitor and synching glass it made Tiger Woods 2008 look freaking amazing. The 2D is looks super as well.

Con: I do wished I had done a little extra research to learn than Windows Media Center does not have a Display Port configured as an approved HDCP connection, when it is HDCP compliant. While you can watch copy protected blu-rays, I cannot view tv through my Ceton Digital Cable tuner card via the display port. It could have possibly been a deal breaker had I known this before, but it is more of a Microsoft and lack of support for Windows Media Center. This really should be a no brainer and Microsoft should issue a patch to correct this.

Update: After some research, the lack of Display HDCP support in Windows Media Center is due to the fact it was not included in the Cable Labs specification. Until they revise their spec to include it Microsoft cannot provide support for it. They are simply following the specification.
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