Samsung S27A750D 120Hz

Where can I download the latest driver for this monitor? Right click on desktop and click screen res, then click on advanced, then monitor. It does come up with 120hz but as generic monitor. Maybe this is our problem too?

Anyone know of the download page @ Samsung?

S27A750D Drivers

I'm pretty sure those are the same ones that are on the driver CD that comes with the monitor.
It should have the name of the monitor in Device Manager and not a generic driver.
Well I got the monitor today... not sure yet if I like it for gaming more than my ZR30w. Yes, it feels quicker in motion no doubt... but I still notice motion blur. And it is odd how my tri-fire 6900's could easily hold a constant 60 FPS at 2560x1600 on all ultra settings in BF3, and struggle to hold over 80 FPS at 1920x1080. Verdict is still out...

Have you messed with the Response Time setting? The Fastest setting feels great in motion, though you must remember to set it to Normal when using 3D modes.
Haven't had a single problem with the displayport on mine. Never got that error.
Duke make sure you go into the onscreen / OSD controls and turn the response time up to "fastest".
I was "eh" about my purchase until I found that option and enabled it. It will still blur a little on the fastest parts of your turning arcs when you move your FoV but it snaps to "tight" pixels immediately at any slower part of your arc, and any extremely quick "flick-arcs" seem very "tight" and clear at either end, where my ips would blur in either scenario throughtout and very obnoxiously at even slower speed. Its a huge difference to me and brings it into a "lesser" crt feel in my opinion - which is still outside of the best (60hz) lcd motion.
Btw I never got that error either. I'm using a short dp to minidp cable on the monitor end that I got from monoprice. When I first hooked up a long heavy gauge minidp cable I got a garbage image storm on my screen though so I suspect dp transmission distance is poor, and prob would suffer from poor cables too. Make sure your display port cable is connected fully also. The minidp's on my gpu end always seem touchy. My cat ran into one of the cable lengths and turned my monitor off last night for example. :b
You need to get a short DP cable. I have a 3ft StarTech, no display errors yet.
how are the blacl levels on this monitor , anybody know if any better or worse than the apple cinema display
Interesting. I would like to do a long run like I formerly did using a long heavy gauge hdmi cable adapted back to dvi at each end to my other monitors. The long heavy gauge mini dp cable doesn't seem to carry a signal good enough. Maybe a full sized DP would. If I have to I'd investigate running a dvi adapter and back again but I'm afraid it would introduce input lag (mini dp out at gpu to dvi "dongle adapter" --> long heavy gauge dvi cable --> dvi to minidp powered adapter).
That is for a long run consideration though. My current setup with a shorter dp cable + a short dvi to mini dp cable has never had a connection issue.
I uncoiled the long heavy-gauge minidp extension cable and tried it on my cinema display.. it worked fine. So I then tried it on the samsung 750 and it worked fine on that too. I don't know if it was due to being coiled or near power supplies that made it freak out the 120hz monitor before. I had just set up the 27" 120hz too so maybe the gpu was flaking out somehow. Regardless this long cable works. Its a 35' extension cable with thick insulation.. 24 AWG.
I wanted to post this since there have been so many questions regarding the dp cabling being able to carry a signal. As it appears now there are no issues with a longer (35') run on heavy extension cable with a short length of regular gauge/insulated mini dp cable on one end and a short mini dp to dp cable on the monitor end.. (They sell 50' ones as well but I don't need one that long). I'll keep the cable connected for testing purposes now.. but I need another one for my cinema display before I can move my pc back into the other room now that I have two dp monitors.
Wanted to add this comment I saw on another board for those having issues with the monitor seemingly dropping off when resuming from sleep.

If this person is right, maybe it helps:

"Found out my problem!

I had to enable repost vga bios on s3 resume.

no more flickering and install sound on wakeup."
Btw, does anyone know a comprehensive source to get TriDef game profiles. Am specifically looking for Skyrim, Batman AC, Ass Creed Rev, Saints Row 3, Starcraft 2, and NFS Run.

Btw, does anyone know a comprehensive source to get TriDef game profiles. Am specifically looking for Skyrim, Batman AC, Ass Creed Rev, Saints Row 3, Starcraft 2, and NFS Run.


The manufacturer's website has its own forum which appears to be well used. Here is the specific section in the forum for user created Profiles and how to create your own. I'm not sure if you already saw this, but its worth mentioning.
I have a new displayport to mini-displayport on order and should be able to give some feedback.

I am currently using a cheap monoprice dp > mini-dp. I have a Accell (B119B-007J) coming.

I get the not optimum error (not frequent), and the disconnect sound when powering on the monitor.

I've ordered my SA750 which should arrive tomorrow. I've also ordered a Startech 6' DP>DP cable. I have a reference AMD 5870 with a full size DP port. I'll let you know if I have any issues.
Woot! My S27A750D just shipped out of TD today after being backordered :) so excited and anxious to test it out with my mac >.<
S27A750D Drivers

I'm pretty sure those are the same ones that are on the driver CD that comes with the monitor.

Thank you so much for the link.I just want to make sure I have done it right. The driver comes up with generic display and 5850 (my gfx card) then asks me to pick HDMI or DisplayPort. Obviously I picked DisplayPort then it comes up in Device Manager that I have a SyncManster SA750_S27A750D (DisplayPort) montior!
Thank you so much for the link.I just want to make sure I have done it right. The driver comes up with generic display and 5850 (my gfx card) then asks me to pick HDMI or DisplayPort. Obviously I picked DisplayPort then it comes up in Device Manager that I have a SyncManster SA750_S27A750D (DisplayPort) montior!
That is correct. Now you no longer need to worry about monitor not reverting back to 2D from 3D and any other issues (e.g., not being able to force 120 Hz refresh rate etc). :)
I have never used the 3d and probably never will! Does not interest me! As long as I can use 120hz all day long I'm happy!
i saw some reviews and most of people are complaining about the center button... but still a good looking lcd
I just got my monitor and it is absolutely amazing!! Also Mini DP -> DP adapter on mac works and also outputs at 120hz! The only thing i don't like is that it artifacts slightly when it is in the settings of faster and fastest while watching action packed movies (300) Other than that I still need to play around with the calibration to get the best settings
Just set it to standard, dial down the brightness a bit and set it to gamma 3 and you are done.
For those who own this set but will "never" use 3d, anyone want to sell their glasses off? Preferably cheap
For those who own this set but will "never" use 3d, anyone want to sell their glasses off? Preferably cheap

Well considering you cant seem to buy them anywhere and if you could they certainly would not be cheap, why do you think others should sell them cheap just because you say so?

You certainly don't understand economics do you. If something is in high demand and rare the price should go through the roof. So if anyone on here does want to sell their glasses I'm sure they already know this...

I am not gonna use mine I will start the bidding for £50 :p
Umm yeah they are on eBay for $50-$70 right now

And nothing wrong with looking for a deal and giving someone some cash for something won't use
Sure, I'll sell my glasses, $200 shipped :)

Anyways, I love this monitor. Really appreciating the 120Hz now that I have everything dialed in.
I set up my S27A750D and that Atlona converter yesterday. Here are some impressions:

The converter works quite nicely. It adds essentially no input lag. I tried out that input lag test program and some photos indicate that the total lag is under 1ms compared to the CRT. The cables on the converter are only about 6" long though and won't reach the DVI/USB ports at all if it's on the desk. It's clearly designed to be used with a laptop and looks stupid suspended in mid air behind the case.

This display is excellent with motion blur. I still notice it in some games but it's much faster than any other LCD I have seen. The faster and fastest modes seem very similar though. The 120hz is a big improvement over 60hz LCDs, even in Windows, and even smoother than the 85-100hz I use on the CRT.

The backlight is decent overall. There are slightly dark patches at the two bottom corners, but they can only be seen at angles on a white background. The one I got has no dead pixels.

The blacks look great in a room with moderate ambient light due to the glossy coating. In a dark room, the coating has no effect and black is nothing like the CRT's pitch black, even at 0% brightness. It's comparable to other TN and IPS displays in this respect though.

The TN viewing angles are a bit of an issue at this size. At a 2' distance, the horizontal edges on a white background have a red tint compared to the center. It's noticeable if you look for it, but not so much that it jumps out at you all the time. The vertical edges are fine as long as you're directly in front of it.

The pixels are fairly large and can be seen with white on black text, but are not that noticeable from over 18" away. The dpi is very close to the 20" CRT at 1280x960, which is convenient.

The 4:3 setting is useless, as it's only available in the AV mode which crops off the edges of the image. The image positioning options are locked too. It looks like I have to rely on video card drivers (which have their own issues) to get 640x480 and 1440x1080 in old games, or just stick with the CRT for those.

The touch buttons are fiddly and leave visible fingerprints on the base. You get used to the feel of them after a while though.

Finally, it's surprisingly hard for my GTX 280 to sustain 120fps at all times, even in games that are many years old. This display is really at its best with vsync at a constant 120fps. I might end up returning the converter and just get a new video card after all.
Hey guys, wanted to check as to how is the ghosting on your monitors and is there anyway to reduce it? Not too familiar with 3D options so step by step instructions would be helpful. Also I feel the brightness levels go down when in 3D mode? Shall I just raise brightness in game? Is that the solution?

Also, do not know which 3D mode to use. I think by default TriDef is using side by side. Are other modes better or is this the best mode? How can I select other modes of rendering while in game using TriDef?
. Samsung S27A750D review (click here)

That review gives some great info on response time blurring and input lag among other things (color gamut, etc).
I have no idea on the 3D differences (top/bottom or side/side). I tried a few different movie clips for the hell of it and it did work, but seemed like it would give your eyes a workout (strain) and was more like cut-outs on different planes than true 3d "holograms". Simpler CGI movies seem to work best at giving a full three dimensional object feel (shrek/mastermind type movies) .. avatar however is so high end cgi-wise that it often suffers the same "cut-outs on different planes" effect as live action. This is the 3D tech not any flaw of the monitor. I've seen 3D movies on tv's its the same. I think its nifty looking, but eyestraining and a gimmick. I would not be willing to pay a lot more for it, nor "upgrade" my current tv for it which is fine otherwise.... nor re-buy my bluray library :p
.. I'm also not interested in it for games, due to the eyestrain, the lower hz, and the big fps hit.
Hello everyone,

I've been looking for about a week or so now for a retail store that carries this monitor and cannot find a single one! I saw a few people in this thread say they picked one up at their local retail store incase of dead/stuck pixels (Which is my reason for this aswell) and i am curious what store? Best Buy does not seem to carry this bad boy in stores.

Also, random side question.. is there a differance in this monitor if your video card only has mini displayport and not full displayport outputs?

Thanks in advance!
if your card has mini display port out it more than likely came with an adapter (my 6970s and 6950s did)
Wierd, my 6950 did not come with the adapter. Thankfully though Mini displaport to Displayport cables are cheap so thats not my main concern at the moment. My main concern is finding a retailer that actually carries this thing lol. If anyone could tell me where they got theirs from (Not Online) i would greatly appreciate it!
I'm still struggling to get fixed aspect scaling working on this. The Nvidia drivers can do it but drop down to 60hz and apparently treat the monitor as a TV when GPU scaling is enabled. If I force 120hz in Rivatuner, the scaling no longer works. Is this an actual limitation or a driver glitch? Are AMD drivers any better with this?

Also, I occasionally see what look like RTC artifacts even on the "normal" response mode. For example, try dragging around the gradient pictures on this page. It results in a band of green pixels even on still images. This is usually rare though.
Here is my setup with my mac :) its running at 120hz via mini DP to DP option :)

Did anyone pick this up at their local retail store? If so i am very curious as to what store because i cannot find a retailer that carries this monitor.
if you search hard enough, bestbuy has a link to this monitor. Much like my cinema display, you have to order it ship to store and pick it up when it arrives. You can still return to store, but since they don't stock them in the store any swapping would involve more shipping time. Bestbuy usually gives a 14 day return policy and if you have silver reward zone you get 45 days. Their return policy is here: