Samsung Releases 970 PRO and EVO SSDs

How does one not have a SSD at this point . At least a small one for a OS drive.
No joke. Was running RAID0 SSDs in 2006 and have had just about every iteration since. It’s honestly been an extremely slow *painfully slow* rollout both in the Enterprise and consumer spaces.
I wonder if reviewers should recapture all their test data, as I highly doubt these drives are slower than the 960 series of drives. Spectre/Meltdown at play here? More than likely..

I was reading TechReport's review the other day, and they weren't running the Spectre/Meltdown patches on their test systems, yet had similar results.

From Jeff's comment (#5) on:
Our storage bench has not been patched for either vulnerability, so it's not that. Like we noted, we're working with Samsung to explore what's going on and we'll update the article when we learn more.
I'm still rocking an 850 evo and it's great. I think my next one will be a 970 512gb nvme.

Hell I've still got an old OCZ 60gb sata 2 SSD on my test bench.... light years of performance difference, but that thing is still good for throwing test OS images on stuff. I cannot even tolerate a spinning disk OS install any more.
It’s honestly been an extremely slow *painfully slow* rollout both in the Enterprise and consumer spaces.

I won't give out any laptop at work without an SSD installed. Windows 10 updates are too slow and happen too often for a mechanical drive.
Besides. I can cleanup a 6 year old high end laptop (2.7Ghz dual core, 16GB ram), slap in a small SSD and it makes a fast office system.

As for servers, I wish I could afford to upgrade the servers to SSD's, but they are still too expensive in the sizes I need.
The smallest drives I've been buying for servers lately is 4TB.

One of out test/dev servers has over 40TB's of VM's on it. I'm not even going to price out what that would cost to replace with SSD's :eek:
Wow, how do you break a Samsung NVMe drive?

I plugged it in, installed windows.
Used it for 2 hours, pc rebooted and disk practically bricked.
Disk believes it has 0% available spare blocks thus worn out.

see attached picture :)


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