Samsung Odyssey G7 HDR Color Depth Question

Al Capwn

Nov 27, 2010
Hey everyone, I've recently aquired the 27" G7 and I've stumbled across something rather odd in regards to HDR. I know the monitor is a true 8-bit display and supports 10bit through FRC, and I understand that FRC is temporal dithering. However I noticed if I force 8bpc through NVCP my HDR games have much better blacks than when running at 10bpc. I know when forcing 8bpc in HDR dithering is applied via the GPU (as Windows reports 8-bit with dithering). The "use default color settings" option within NVCP produces the worst results for me with many games having trouble enabling HDR.

Is it normal for GPU dithering to somehow be superior to FRC when displaying HDR content? When forcing 10bpc there is a noticeable light grey haze across the entire color range. I have yet to notice banding when running either mode so is there any potential downside to 8bit + GPU dithering over 8bit + FRC, such as potentially reduced HDR brightness peaks etc?