Samsung Electronics on Track with Mass Production of 10nm FinFET Chips

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    Some had claimed that the yield of the 10nm FinFET process was no good, but Samsung is dispelling those rumors with a press release that claims everything is perfectly swell and on track despite earlier delays. This is great news for 10nm tech that includes Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC and Samsung’s own Exynos 8895 chip. The company has already shipped 70,000 silicon wafers of its 10nm LPE (low power early). Thanks to Kyle for this one.

    Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, announced today that its production ramp-up of the 10-nanometer (nm) FinFET process technology is on track with steady high yield to meet customer needs on schedule. Samsung has shipped more than 70,000 silicon wafers of its first-generation 10nm LPE (Low Power Early) to date. The company began the industry’s first mass production of 10LPE last October. Back in 2015, Samsung introduced the industry’s first 14nm FinFET LPE technology for mobile applications based on 3D FinFET structure. Since then, Samsung has successfully delivered further enhancements in power, performance and scalability for both 14nm and 10nm FinFET technology.
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    Dang we're getting pretty close to 1nm. I remember people saying that we were getting close to the limit in size because of quantum stuffs.
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    Are these going to burst into fire as well?
  4. Yes and no. The 10nm is the smallest feature. However inter element/transistor spacing is still like 12/14/18nm in some cases. So it's a hyrbrid
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    So, they finally got the stolen tech from TSMC working.... eh?
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    Wow...gotta say you're the first i've ever heard make a false claim against Samsung to stand up for TSMC, which is the equivalent of a convenience store in the ghetto. If something is offered to you, it's not stolen. If you don't understand why that's true, then you'll believe anything the media tells you, which is why you probably also have an iPhone. And how do you figure 28nm non-finfet tech has anything at all to do with 10nm finfet? There's no comparison here.
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    Below 7nm it doesn't seem possible use silicon semiconductors. The individual transistors end up very close together, so close that because of the natural uncertainty of the position of electrons some electrons end up 'tunneling' right into adjacent paths.

    They've made 1nm transistors using exotic semiconductors and carbon nanotubes in the lab, but don't expect that in your PC any time soon.

    Beyond that you start to run out of atoms.
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