Samsung 1TB EVO $329 @ Fry's


Limp Gawd
May 7, 2012

mSATA is $349 as well

Sign up and you get a code instantly but to use it you have to call in to place your order. After a few days you get a unique code that can be used for online purchases (and instore).
Nice price. Can't wait until SATA drives become legacy clearance products. ;)
Thanks. I have Fry's account (and logged in), but I didn't subscribe to their spam, hence I didn't get a promo code In any case, I'll just wait until Newegg has it on sale to save tax. Newegg has had good sales on the 512 GB version, so I figure it's only a matter of time until they have this 1 TB SSD on sale for the low $300s.
This SSD is $310 on Ebay (Newegg's store) and there's a thread on it in this forum. That's a far better deal than this Fry's deal.
still up. just got one yesterday
Read the quote in my post. I was responding to beowulf7 comparing the Newegg deal with the expired 11 days ago Fry's deal and questioning why he bumped the thread.

It's not exactly competing deals that a bump might save a buyer who didn't see the other thread. The old deal in this thread has been over for a while and the Newegg deal hasn't fallen off page 1.
What's the difference in everyday regular use on these versus the PRO? I'm thinking of using it as a /steam folder games storage.
No difference at all. You're just throwing away money by buying the Pro over the EVO.
Apparently pro is longer lasting and less chance of degrading performance
I think the Pro versions have a 10 year warranty vs the EVO 5 year warranty.

That is why I paid $500 for the 1TB Pro last November. Although I don't expect to have to RMA the drive and also 9 years from now a 1TB SATA SSD will most likely be of little value..
The sale ended 11 days ago, as seen in the OP's sales ad. Why bump the thread? :p
For those doing price research or Googling and this thread comes up. Just wanted to share some info. with others who may not know. Or for those who are subscribed to this thread and may not have known about the Ebay deal, which is now also dead (for now, I presume).
It could also be a strategy. Get a bunch of watchers and some buyers at 300, then raise the price for an easy 50$ each profit from any other fool that thinks it's a great deal because others were all over it. I wonder how many were bought at the 350 price tag so far. How many were left after you bought it at 300?

I'm surprised people are allowed to change prices in the middle of an item's sale, even after the first item has sold. Seems like it lets bad things happen. Like that.
Today there is a seller with Evo 850 1tb drives for $300 each with free shipping> I have bought from him before and is all legit. Just ordered 2 this morning. Cheapest price I have ever seen.
In addition to the price hike people mentioned, he only has 84 feedback points, which means he's not a real store, so that would concern me than say Newegg's Ebay store that has thousands of feedback points (score). (Yes, I know he has 100% feedback.)
Samsung is really on a roll, they could make a profit selling these for $200. The density of the chips they have and the TLC tech make they cheap as chips to build.

I'm not saying not to buy one, they're great. Samsung is about a generation ahead of their competition right now.
That is strange, to go up $50. The seller shipped mine @ $300 with in a couple of hours.
As far as comparing with larger sellers Ebay guarantee pretty much makes that a non issue. I bought something that was defective and just clicked the Return Button on the my eBay purchase page and Ebay returned my money even before I shipped it back. May depend on how many purchases you have made on Ebay or your feedback, don't know, but it was what happened to me.