Same email over and over

Mar 15, 2002
Got a strange issue. A user sent an email to someone here via an android phone. Now every two minutes the email keeps getting delivered.

I've look at traffic logs and it seems the phone isn't sending the message over and over. It appears something is wrong on the exchange server because I don't see anything that says the message is coming in from the outside via the phone.

Exchange 2007 running on ESXi. A new message ID is generated for each resend. So basically the receiving users delete box is filling up as i set a rule so she wouldn't have it show up in her inbox. Also the senders sent items folder is filling up. I turned off the senders PC just to make certain it wasn't an outlook issue.

Any ideas on this? Driving me crazy.
Mar 15, 2002
No clustering. I should also add I've already restarted services and even restarted the server this morning.


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Dec 13, 2005
Found this about emails getting stuck like that

You could try the steps below and determine if the condion changes;
Please find steps to user MFCMAPI.

Download MFCMAPI from

Download and extract the files in a location on your exchange server.
Run the file MFCMAPI.exe.
Click on session and select logon and display store tables.
When asked for profile, select the administrator profile.
You should see the mailbox and public folder listed.
Click on MDB and then get mailbox table.
You should see the list of mailboxes in the Mailbox store.
Scroll and double click SMTP.
You would find Temp Tables listed in the left pane of the open window.
This is the space where the outbound internet messages are stored in the mailbox store.
You may wish to examine contents in the subfolders that exist under the main TEMP TABLES.
You should find a lot of the popular spam messages.
If you wish to clear all the content under temp tables, right click and select delete.
On prompt select hard delete and restart the SMTP service.
This would rebuild the temp tables automatically.


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Mar 30, 2005
Sorry I cant be of much help here but just a quick note. I have seen this exact thing happen once although maybe not to this extent. The user reported turning off the Android phone and the emails stopped.

Until I saw your post I always assumed that it was an Android glitch but . . . ? I have had one user with an Android phone report this (and showed me the emails) but I was never able to repeat it. I guess I didn't go far enough as to look through Exchange logs. Our system is Exchange 2010 clustered on both physical machines and a couple roles are on Hyper-V server. A few thousand mailboxes but have never had a user report it since.
Mar 15, 2002
OK I was able to confirm it was an Android glitch.

Yesterday I told her assistant to get in contact with her and turn the phone off and then back on. I was told she did it but the emails still kept coming in. Just for the sake of ruling everything out, this evening I got the person to turn the phone off one more time but this time monitor her sent items folder to make sure the email wasn't being sent anymore. Well she waited ten minutes and the email stopped and hasn't started back to my knowledge since. If it does start back I'll delete the exchange account from the phone and rebuild it.

Glad to finally get it resolved. Strange.