Salesforce newb - Proxy question


Dec 7, 2001
Hello friends!

I'm working on a project, and part of the project involes helping a client pull back data from a CMS into Salesforce. The plan apparently is to do this with Javascript, and load data into a Salesforce website using AJAX.

So, here is the question: I've read here: about a Salesforce ajax proxy, which (sounds) like what I want, because I basically want to be able to $.get("", function(data){ doStuff(data)}); or something like that. I read through the link above, but I know so little about sales force I'm ont sure if this still exists (the page says "S-controls" had been depreciated and replaced with "Visualforce."

I guess I'm just looking for a general "this is what you're looking at, this is what visualforce is, this is how your clients website probably is setup", etc.

Thanks for any pro-tips/help/etc.