Saitek Gamers' Keyboard

This one doesnt have see-thru keys (where the letters are) so you really cant see shit with the backlight on.
That really doesn't relate to me. I'm not so hardcore that I sit in a dark room playing games; I'm more concerned about wrist support and what not and overall useability

thanks for your reply anyhow
I have this keyboard and the quality is top notch. the keys have a nice solid feel to them. I don't use the wrist rest since my keyboard draw has one built onto it so I can't comment on that. I will be replacing it with the Logitech G15 when it comes out though (should be out sometime this month). If you can hold out, you may want to check out the reviews for that keyboard.
The g15 is out in some places. Some guy I know went to best buy and they had 1 on the shelf and he got it. I have mine pre ordered.
My friend has that keyboard. He says he likes it in every way and the custom pad it comes with makes gaming a lot easier once you get the buttons and what not assigned for games. The only downside he doesn't like is that on his computer, probably because it's an older board, a USB keyboard doesn't seem to be detected at startup, yet his mouse is, so if he wants to access BIOS with that keyboard he has to plug in a PS/2 keyboard. Using an adapter didn't seem to cut it as the lighting wouldn't even power on if I remember correctly, cause he wound up still having to plug in a PS/2 keyboard.

I'm not sure if an issue like that has been addressed since the early AthlonXP days but that's what happened to him. If you're using a keyboard plugged in via USB now and not having this issue then no worries obviously.
It's a great keyboard, but I would have bought the eclipse version if it had been availible. I also like how it matches my Saitek X-52 joystick.

I've never used the command pad thing, but I don't play many RTS games any more.
I have the silver + black key executive version. I'm glad I chose it over the see-thru keys one - it's too frickin bright imo, and I don't even look down at the board so it becomes more of a distraction. :) - My one gripe is that the board starts up fully lit by default. You have to manually hit the light button to disable/dim it after a comp startup. - some would prefer this though.
i have this keyboard, its great and all but there one downfall for me... when i try to turn off backlight it keeps turning it self on like every 30 seconds...

I liked mine alot; very good for FPS. I upgraded to the eclipse however; as I never used the command pad due to desk space/easyness issues
I love my saitek gamer, its super comfortable and the tactile response of the keys is unsurpased in my experience, the lighting is only for cool factor as opposed to the eclipse, personally i'd rather have the eclipse since its the same design with laser etched keys. But the gamer is still a great product. I'd recommend it to anyone.

edit: forgot to mention i forgot it even came with the pad...i played with it for about a week, its novel and all but not really useful for me
I bought one a while ago in hopes that I could use the extended pad within Windows, but no. It uses some proprietary interface so you have to use their software and it seems to be in-game only. It has 3 different modes of glow and the keyboard has a decent look to it, I don't think it was worth $40+ bucks though. I'd much rather have gotten an Eluminx, even though those are pricey.