Safe Voltages for 2500K?


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Oct 22, 2004
So I've been out of the loop for quite a while. I've been looking around at my current options for LGA 1155, and it appears I could go 2600K or 3770K for an upgrade, though the latter costs $150-200 or so. Best I can tell, the 2500K is worth like $75 now if I can find a buyer for it. Any thoughts on that, I'm all ears. =)

So my current plan is to add some vcore to this CPU, which has always run @ stock vcore @ 4.2GHz 100% stable (prime95 for days; 4.3GHz would error after 4-8 hours or something). Does anyone know/remember (lol) what are considered safe temps or voltages? I did a few searches but sadly didn't come up with anything definitive, but I didn't check too much. I figure it's probably in it's last legs, so if I can get it up to 4.6GHz or something, I might as well.

For what it's worth, it's got a Thermalright HR-02 Macho on there, so cooling should be solid.



May 27, 2008
You are looking at a max V of @1.5-1.55v and under max load it's best to keep temps @ or less than 80c, the cpu will throttle @90c. With these CPUs your max temp under load will determine how high you can push the voltage. Some CPUs are blessed with a high OC at lower voltages.

I'm still rolling with my 2600k but don't really bother with OCing much anymore. I just need a daily driver and the GPU does most of the work in games.


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Jan 7, 2005
Upgrading will not result in noticeable performance increases. Shoot for 4.5 at 1.5 and carry on until you can afford a completely new chipset.