Ryzen 5800x VCore goes up but temperature goes down?


Limp Gawd
Oct 27, 2002
Hello all, I've been building a new workstation using a Ryzen 5800x. Current PC is a i7 3770K so I'm quite of the loop.

Basic specs are

1. Ryzen 5800x
2. MSI Mag Tomahawk X570
3. GSkill DDR 3200 Mhz RAM (32 GB)
4. Noctua NH-D15 cooler with Arctic Silver 5 paste
5. Seasonic 1000w PSU

In the BIOS I have PBO changed to "Motherboard" and the thermal limit set to 85C.

I have windows 10 installed and I'm running Prime 95. It usually runs around 4.8 GHZ all core, but sometimes the temperature goes up to the 85 C limit. I am using Open Hardware Monitor. I can understand heat soak & thermal throttling, but what I don't understand is this chart.


If you look, you can see regions where the Temperature was pegged to the top of the scale (85 C). I can understand why VCore woudl be lower during those time periods. But then around -0:06 mark there is an increase in VCore, a decrease in temperature, and then the Freq goes up to the maximum seen of 4.8 GHz.

Why would VCore go up, but temperature go down? Wouldn't a higher VCore imply a higher power consumption and thus a higher total power? Any explanation that can be offered is greatly appreciated.