Ryzen 3000 boost clock controversy - der8auer publishes his survey results, not a good look for AMD


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Feb 8, 2016
lol gotta love the paid Intel hit jobs.

If you can't beat them... discredit them. I mean the way Lisa has been strutting and smirking she had it coming. (ok that may be a joke to far lol)

Really though seeing all that wonderful data hit Intel marketing slides is no real surprise right. :)

Its a great bit of marketing though... I mean I would never have guessed that more people use Chrome then Blender. lmao Chrome runs fine on a 5 year old ARM chip... which high end desktop CPU wins in a chrome or MS word test is irrelevant everything has been good enough for both for years. I care that my render is going to complete in 4 min instead of 6. Oh Intel...


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Feb 1, 2005
Opinion junk. So what.

Dudes (der8) not an authority on anything.

I can come to my own conclusions. 4550mhz is hitting advertised speeds. My chip does it all day long. My bus speed is 99mhz and 99mhzx46 multiplier is 4550mhz and my chip is only being held back by my boards timing crystal.

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I don't think der8auer is really a non-authority. I just disagree with his methodology in this case as he has very little control over the 2700 submissions. He doesn't seem to have an axe to grind with AMD either. I mean he skewered Intel with the 3XX chipset required for Coffee Lake chips also by showing that the v2 socket was completely unnecessary.


Aug 29, 2011
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That's totally off topic, but I'm loving this. I don't want it to end. 10 pages, guys, Hall of Fame. Change your socks, keep your powder dry, and wait for someone to invent tanks, this war can't go on forever.

P.S. No popcorn emoji?
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