Rumor: Red Dead Redemption The Outlaws Collection Leaked by Amazon


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 19, 2005
"The rumor comes way of a Twitter account that treks in rumors, reports, and leaks, and which tweeted out this morning a picture of two Amazon listings for Red Dead Redemption The Outlaws Collection, both of which boast a "December 31, 2021" release date, which is to say, a placeholder release date.

At the moment of publishing, it's impossible to definitely prove the leak as illegitimate, but it does come up short on the sniff test. For one, it uses pre-existing artwork. While it's not out of the realm of possibility that Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive would do this, it seems unlikely. Secondly, there's no link. Combined, these two things suggest this is nothing more than an edited HTML complete with an image that someone cooked up in photoshop. However, there's been plenty of shoddy leaks and rumors over the years that have turned out to be true. In other words, don't completely write this one off, but for now, take it with the most massive grain of salt you can find."