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Mar 21, 2003
What is good my people,

Just about to move and shopping routers and modems as well as Wifi extenders for a 4200 square foot home.

Been looking at this mesh system:

to pair with this main router:

Any suggestions? Primary use is gaming and streaming movies etc. Looking for speed also using ATT 1GB fiber. Thanks in advance my friends.

Soapbox time:

If you care about your gaming, plug it in with a wire. It's that simple. Plugging in gives you the best latency possible, with 99.9% reduced chance of external interference of any kind. It just works; there is a reason "get off the WiFi and plug in hardwired" is the #1 troubleshooting step for any and all network problems.

Second tip, if you care about *reliability* of a particular connection, plug it in with a wire. See above for the reasoning. Your personal PC for work from home? Plug it in. Your wife's PC? Plug it in. Kid's PC? Plug it in. Seriously, just save yourself the trouble.

Wi-Fi is for smart-home crap, cell phones, printers, and low-priority streaming stuff. If you've got an army of Rokus, Chromecasts, or any other streaming products out there for your movies and TV shows and whatnot, you should know that Netflix/Hulu/Apple TV+/Disney+/Whatever+ services at maximum bitrate are like 30 Mbit/s. It really does not take a killer gigabit connection to those devices for a satisfactory streaming experience.

Looking at your chosen products, I like the Tp-Link Deco mesh system, not so much the AX11000. The Deco is capable of acting as the router, you don't need the AX11000 to pair with it. Plus, the Deco includes the new 6E band while the AX11000 does not. Put the primary Deco unit by your gaming PC so that you can plug the internet and your PC directly into it hardwire, and then put the second Deco unit somewhere in the middle of the house to offer better Wi-Fi coverage for your cell phones and such. Take the money you would have spent on the AX11000 and pay a guy to come out and do a hardwired network drop to important locations in your house if you need to!
Have to agree a lot with wired > wireless. Always. And since att is one of the first isps to offer 5Gb service, if you ever get that, you'll only see those speeds wired as there's no wifi in existence that can do those speeds. (And by the time there is, wired will have moved on to 25Gb or 40Gb.)

And while those streamers typically don't have ethernet ports anymore, when they do your latency drops to nothing so wire those too for a superior experience--who cares if it's only 100Mb? 100Mb wired is better than any wifi when it comes to latency.
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