Rogue Galaxy, WOW... Just WOW.... AMAZING RPG!


Limp Gawd
Aug 25, 2005
I got a nasty cold on Wed last week so I was taking some sick time thur and fri so I rented Rogue Galaxy to play on my PS3 since there isn't much out right now I am interested in and I was burned out on Oblivion.

This game has blown me away. I am now 42 hours in according to my gameplay time. I have just ***MINOR SPOILER***killing seed and opening up the labrinth***END MINOR SPOILER***

I have not played an RPG this good since probably final fantasy X. The story line is absolutely superb. You really get in to each character and their backstory. The action combat is really fun as well. A little on the easy side but fun nonetheless.

Are there any other RPGs out there that are created in this style and are this fun right now? This reminds me a lot of Dragon Quest VIII. I am going to need something to play once I complete this game since I cannot put it down.
It's ok. It became too much of a blatant grind for my taste. I gave up shortly after the point you are at.

Playing through the Legacy of Kain series again currently. 10-15 hour games ftw.
I did what I usually do with most RPGs I play; play it too long straight and lose interest. (My FF12 is stuck at 60 hours ;)). Put in I think 32 hours or so, now on Vedan, everyone is uber-leveled...

ahem, anyways, yeah I really love the art style and story, really well done. The combat does become button mashing after awhile, but's the same as a lot of other games. Item creation in the factory will easily take like 10-20 hours of your gametime, and the synthesis toad (Yeah, there's a *talking* frog. I thought I was just drunk.) can make you awesome weapons, though he does a crappy job of telling you "Sure, piss away this item, it'll be great!" Save before you synth anything!).

Only gripes are of course the glaring, glaring aliasing present in ANY PS2 game when using a PS2 + Component cables (does this happen on the PS3? Please tell me no.), and weird reverb/echo in the recorded dialogue (again, I might be confusing this with FF12, it's like their mixing engineers never heard of NOISE REMOVAL.).

Easy 8/10, 9/10 on my quick rating scale.
Actually I don't notice any antialiasing problems on the ps3 with this game. I'd say FF12 looks much worse than this game on the ps3.

I haven't even touched the factory. I am frankly totally confused about it and too in to the game to just sit down and figure it out.

It is a bit button mashing and my levels are high 50s so most enemies are pretty easy but so far it is still enjoyable.
Oo my neighbor was talking about this at a bbq yesterday... i may have to swing by and play sometime. Probably have to bribe him with beer too.
all you have to say is level 5 made it and then you know it's good. They haven't made a single bad game, Darkcloud 1 and 2, Dragon quest VIII and now this game. Level 5 and NIS are hot right now for rpgs anyways.
The only thing i dont like, is when i encounter 'random mobs' i can 1 shot them, since chapter 3. i use 1 ability everything dies, i'm on chapter 7 now and its still the same.