Robots Are Going To Kill Us All!

When watching the part with the hockey stick I couldn't help thinking to myself, 'what if the robot felt that he was a threat that needed to be eliminated?'
I mean it's obviously fake but I never seen it posted here. Sorry if old.

its fine this is still new content. he must be one of those "so last month" memers.

id be a lot more scared of something like this if we actually had battery tech that progressed past 2005. unless they put an engine on it and pour in some unleaded, that thing isnt marching or fighting longer than a few hours at the most.

on top of that it only costs like $2 million to train a solider and put them through a first deployment. unless they get the cost down below that...
"Robots Are Going To Kill Us All!"

Good, our species long overdue for a reset, shame the video's fake, I was hoping for a ED-209 event.
Good old Corridor Digital, love their vids.
can't tell it's fake just by watching the vid at least, I can't tell anyways
Its been established that this is fake.
Its Corridor Digital, of course its fake!
They never make any claims that their videos are all 100% real!
Their whole thing is making videos with "realistic" special effects, and they did a pretty good job with this one.
If someone isn't familiar with Corridor Digital, and what they do, I can see how people would think that it is real.
In pursuit of the dollar - greedy robot building traitors to human kind is going to eventually create a dystopian of human suffering under machines exactly like every movie predicted.

Why in hell do we need to make a gun toting terminator?

Now they gave the t100 a fuckin gun sigh

Good thing this is just fake whew... for now at least.
Hmmmmm... :meh: