RMA Asus MotherBoard and They request for $120 Fees


Dec 11, 2003
RMA my Nephew's Asus MotherBoard to Asus and they replied an email showed the board doesn't have a serial # sticker on it and in order to repair or replacement a $120 fees needs.

When i ask my Nephew how he get the serial # from? He said, he got it from the Original mobo's Box stick. I shipped with original mobo box but I didn't double check sticker on mobo before I ship it out.

Now, to whom have experienced deal with Asus Mobo RMA, what's my option i have and what can you suggest before I call Asus RMA dept.

This Asus Mobo can not post or beep. I have tested, psu, cpu and rams without problem. This mobo can not post in BIOS. I have removed mobo's battery to rest it and no luck.

My question, why can they obtain the serial # from bios chip? as they have tools and programs to so.

Well, they have my mobo in hand, if I refuse to pay $120, they ask $20-$50 fees process and ship back my board. So, feel free to post and suggest any experience idea before i call Asus RMA dept.

Thanks in Adv.
that sticker is a pretty big deal

where did this board come from?
I've had numerous encounters with them over a M4A785-M motherboard and they still have yet to send me a fully functional motherboard rma replacement.

I know that the warranty is void if off the motherboard itself, I do realize you have the box but I don't think they care about the box.

You're basically shit out of luck man, sorry.
Do not buy Asus next time. It is a terrible company.

It's actually a fantastic company that has horrid support. They make awesome products with some of the best UEFI BIOS available, but if you happen to be in the small percentile that gets a board with issues, you'll need a lot of luck and patience to get it resolved.
I see you have a couple Asus parts in your sig.

Yes, I do. I bought them dirt cheap on super sale at Microcenter so I will not be crying if something happens. It does not change a fact that Asus has horrible customer service. Unfortunately. Asian companies do not understand there is something like customer service once you sell a product.
I called and spoke with Rep in RMA Status Dept. They toll, they Recycled my Original Box which it has serial # sticker on it. I sent a letter to Asus Cooperate Office regarding this matter. Will post any update status by Monday when they replied.
That's pretty common practice....no sticker on the mobo, no way to validate whether it's still under warranty, hence the charge.

I own a lot of asus parts and have never had a problem with their customer service. I've rma'd many many times with them both under warranty and without. The $120 is basically their standard charge for most any kind of repairs. My general rule of thumb is to ask myself if the mobo's worth $120 or more to me before even bothering to rma. For example, I've got a couple old REX x48's. Have sent them back a couple times (pin damage, exploded cap, etc)...to me it's worth it as it's the best of the old 775 mobos and I use them for benching (and they tend to go for $200-$300 used).

If it's not worth $120 tell them to just keep it.
I never get why companies are like this. Really ASUS, is RMA fraud that big a scam that you need to piss off good customers? And if you are going to be so anal about your stickers how about you put stickers on there that stick better or even write it onto the mobo itself.
Asus boards are amazing unless and until they die. From everything I have ever seen, and dealt, with them the company just does not honor Mobo warranties. It's why I went with Intel for an X79 rig rather than getting the the Rampage IV E despite Asus having the overall top X79 board.
This isnt different than any other place, take apple even they aren't going to do squat for you if you are trying to get an iphone repaired and there is no serial number what so ever except on a box. The device needs a serial number, if its not on the device then you aren't getting service. (though serial numbers don't tend to fall off iphones like crappy stickers)
Sent a message to Asus Cooperation more then 48hrs now without a single reply. I spoke to person claim in charge in Asus RMA Dept. For sure they recycled my original box with serial # sticker and now the serial # sticker not on the board. I ask how can you retrieve from the bios chip. They say, bios chip can be remove and replace with anothr chip. I told them, sticker can be remove and replace by you guys as well. After 30min they call me back left a message told, no serial # stick on board no warranty. Board will be eject if $120 not pay by this Friday.
I'm thinking to make this matter up to Asus Facebook public for Asus Cooperation to respond. Any suggest and what do have to face after that.

They recycled my original box with serial # stick and miss handle my board and miss the serial #. Refund to retrieve the serial from bios chip. With all this and reject my board or pay them $120 to process RMA.
For better or worse...and iirc...the original sticker requirement is stated in the rma/returns conditions, instructions and faq's. A facebook lashing might get you a response but unless hoards of people jump in, the chances of it having a real impact are kinda slim (imho, of course).

I've had them just keep a board...sucks but now you know why I only bother if the board's worth $120 to me before I even consider an rma. I do tend to tape down the stickers on the mobos (the nice ones anyway) just in case I bust one while it's actually still under warranty hehe. In those situations I've never had an issue with asus. btw...when they do finally get your package and respond back with the '$120 please', the board's always been back in my hands within 2-3 business days from my payment date.