Right place? Downloads absurdly slow sometimes


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Aug 15, 2004
This all started just a couple of weeks ago. I've been extraordinarily busy at work (struggling to put out a rush of proposals before year's end) so I didn't really get a chance to investigate before today, my first full day off in two weeks.

I have used simply debrid to get links from various forums for some time, generally via uploaded.net / ul.to. Prior to it becoming undesirable, I was a 5+year subscriber to rapidshare and used it extensively.

What I do: In Firefox, I paste the posted file addresses into Simply Debrid's link generator and then use Flashgot / Downthemall to download the links it generates. For years, when downloading multiple files, I've generally gotten close to 3.2 MB/s combined.

The Problem:But the past couple of weeks my Flashgot / Downthemall downloads have been subject to odd slowdowns. Right now I'm downloading two files via uploaded.net, both 116 mb, and getting a combined download speed of 89.5 KB/s. You read that right: KB/s.

This problem exists across both browsers. I'd imagine that if I used a link in Firefox and Chrome built-in file downloader I'd get similar results, and I do: both horrible. When these problems crop up, I get double-digit download speeds in both browsers.

BUT HERE"S THE THING: It doesn't always happen. I fell asleep watching TV last night and when I awoke this morning at 5 am, I sat down to download a film and was getting a combined 3+ MB/s. Later in the day (1pm) I tried to download another and the various file parts initially started off at the 3MB/s rate, but after 5-10 minutes, all the download rates dropped to 33 kb/s or lower.

Relevant facts: Rebooting hasn't fixed it. Unplugging the uVerse residential gateway for 3 min, plugging it back in, then rebooting again ... multiple times ... hasn't worked. I've cleared the cache on Firefox with no difference. My PC (a non-overclocked i7 w/16gb and a good 3gb video card running Windows 7 ... see the sig) performs very well.

My speedtests are normal for me: Down: 29.21 Mb/S Up: 3.44 Mb/s, and these remain pretty steady even when the problem is occurring.

I can download things from other sources at good speeds. For instance:

Results of download testing files from

  • Downloading the 200mb file directly via Chrome, I'm getting steady 1.35 MB/s
  • Downloading the 200mb file directly via Firefox, I'm getting steady 1.5 MB/s
  • Downloading the 200mb file via Flashgot / Downthemall in Firefox, I'm getting a peak of 2.35 MB/s

Here's the stuff that was installed/updated over the past few months:

Here's my recent Windows Update history:

Please advise with helpful advice. I'm not in the mood -- nor do I have the time -- to reinstall Windows because A. I already have two different computers to reinstall/refurbish before the end of the year (I don't want a third), and B. I don't believe it's necessary, since the computer is running very well otherwise.
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What file hosting service are you currently using? Are you a subscriber of that service? A lot of them have massive caps if you're not a paying customer and even in some cases if you are one, usually hidden somewhere in the TOS.

You can't gauge it as a speed or software problem based on what you're doing IMO. Sounds entirely like it has to do with the service provider that you're downloading from.
most of those file lockers throttle download speeds for free users.
There's relatively few that don't throttle

I'm guessing ThinkBroadband is your provider, and you're additionally getting low performance from their downloads?
Thanks for the replies.

Simply debrid (and other services like rapid debrid) buys blocks of subscriptions to file hosting services like Uploaded, File factory, etc., then makes them available to their own subscribers (much cheaper than directly subscribing to the services) by using their link generator to create premium links for the files. With the generated links, you don't have to be logged in to Uploaded.net (for instance) to get their full download speed.

Been using it for 2 years with nary a hiccup and always fast speeds.

My provider is uVerse; that Thinkbroadband page is the first result that came up when I googled "test download speed files" so I could check my throughput with non-file hosting service files.

To check whether it's the server, I'll ask a friend in another city to log into simply debrid as me and try to download the same files I've been having problems with.
My provider is uVerse; that Thinkbroadband page is the first result that came up when I googled "test download speed files" so I could check my throughput with non-file hosting service files.

uhhh.. ThinkBroadband is UK-based.
You most certainly WILL NOT get accurate speedtest results when that traffic has to go to across the pond.
Use speedtest.net and check the closest test site. If that's fast then it's your ISP skimping out on bandwith.
I second using speed test.net.

It'll run a up and down test along with ping, it connects to a server that is close to you, or you can choose a server to test.
I have seen this before

My suggestion

1st of all try many different download sources or speedtest.net to make sure the low speed is a problem on your end and it's not just a loaded server you're downloading from

If speeds are low no matter where you download from ,check the time for couple of days.If you see a time/low speed consistent patter then it's probably ISP running out of juice in the area and limiting you so that everyone can be online until they upgrade.