RG280V - New Gameboy Style Retro Handheld


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Mar 22, 2008

Just got one of these, it's pretty slick. Can play basically any game 16-bit or prior.

Though I guess people are kind of stuck in the house, but this would be awesome for public transport.


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Jan 14, 2006
I have an RG351P. I think it’s really good, and perfect size for one of my sons.

I picked up another OGA Clone, the PowKiddy RGB10, as it didn't waste bezel space just to fit in that worthless second analog stick. . I like having the smallest 1.5 ghz Cortex A35 console in existence :D

I first got into this scene with Pocket go 1, back in May 2019; the software was pretty sucky at-launch , but by October custom firmware they had fixed screen tearing, Fixed NES performance issues, and even optimized SNES custom builds to become *somewhat* usable (could play FF2, and Secret of Mana).

The hardware is perfect for gaming on the john or if you're stck somewhere with nothing better to do, and it has survived 2 years of torture (smashed between my phone and pant leg in a glasses case, the same way I used to carry my 3ds), so I felt confident enough to spend double that on my RGB10 - the only N64 game it can't run reliably is Conkers. It can run less-demanding PSP games like Secret Agent Clank, and Ys 7 at 2x resolution, and n I have been able to play every game on Dreamcast at 800x600, except Sonic Adventure.

'The second analog stick is not a standard on the N64, the Dreamcast, or the PSP, so I don't understand the hard-on people seem to have for them (even the PSX only required them for a handful of games). - if I'm going to play an FPS like Quake 2 ports, why would I play it on anything besides keyboard and mouse?

If you want more information on this, there are a number of subreddits, but this generic one gets the most traffic:


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