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    Forza Horizon 4 (2018)


    Oh yes, I finally played this game that every NFS fanboy was raving about. They claimed this was the ultimate car racing game, spoiler: it is not.

    Then what is it? I really don't know and apparently the developers didn't either. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here, start at the beginning.

    And if we really want to go to the beginning, we have to talk MS Store, because that is where this game is from. And it is still garbage.
    Why? Because the MS store downloads slowly, and the download stopped and failed multiple times. Having to manually restart the download for the game to finally be playable.

    And it is also garbage because of UWP. Which means the game is not moddable, if even a single hair is out of place it will no longer run.
    So I couldn't even get rid of the 25 second long unskippable logo animation at the start of the game. My time is precious and if someone wants to waste even 25 seconds of it, they better have a damned good reason.
    I'm ok with watching their crappy logos in 640x480 once, but not every time I start the game.

    So what's the game itself like? Do you want the bad news or the good news? Good news is that it tries to be like Test Drive Unlimited,
    which is the actual ultimate car racing game, for the uncultured ones out there. Bad news is that it falls short by no small margin.

    The first rule of imitating someone is to do it as well as or better than them. Otherwise what's the point? I'll just choose the original.

    FZ4 borrows the basic gameplay from TDU, but it is smaller, less exciting and generally more boring. First off why the UK?
    If I'm thinking great driving roads and scenery that's not what first comes to my mind, or second or third, or hundredth.

    I had zero interest in exploring the map, it all looks the same anyway, not much variation. At least it's small, not that's a good thing, but it makes the pointless drives to racing locations shorter.
    Because there will be a lot of pointless driving in this game. Since there is no fast travel. OK, ok, don't scream I know there is, but it is paid, and only usable for a few special locations.

    At least it's not paid for by real money. Don't worry, the game still has microtransactions. And it shamelessly plugs them all the time.
    It even puts paid cars as your opponents in races. I see a cool car I want, then try to buy it only to find that it is paid.
    I'm showing the middle finger to Microsoft and to anyone who tries to bait me into in game purchases. Not now, not in a thousand years, not ever.

    But I digress, why is driving in a driving game so bad? Because the scenery is dull and most cars suck, that's why. Almost every car in the game is an undriveable mess.
    Either they are slow as a slug, or they understeer like a pig. Or worse unable to go in a straight line. Or will randomly flip over for no reason.

    It is unfortunate that the most drivable car in the game is the first car I got in it. That makes the whole race for money and purchase / upgrade cars bit pointless.
    But buying better cars / upgrades is pointless anyway, because the opponents are always matched to you in every race in the game.
    Whatever car you choose the game will make every opponent use cars from the same class and performance level.

    It's really disheartening when you get your hands on a rare or legendary car, show up to a race with it only to see that half the opponents drive the same car. Way to ruin my excitement.

    So the only reason to switch cars is for your own amusement, and to find one that handles like you prefer.

    But let's circle back to the beginning, my first impressions of the game were terrible. I tried to play with a wheel, not a good idea.
    Especially since the game has a bunch of driving assists that are turned on by default, so I wasn't really driving at first I was wrestling against the assists.
    Until I found how to turn them all off and switch driving mode to 'simulation'. The game is still better played from KB in this mode, but at least I feel in control.
    And the driving model is better than I expected, which is big praise from me.

    No it's not a simulation, but it's no criterion game either where there is no anchor to reality whatsoever. Here you can detect faint roots in reality.
    Except for wheels off the ground, because that bit is ridiculously bad and definitely not based on any physics engine.

    The races are very short, again proving the point of being smaller and less exciting than TDU where there was a 200km race, and some other very long runs.
    But then again TDU's map was about 100x60km. Forza Horizon 4 by my estimate is roughly 10x6km, so about one tenth of it (or hundredth if you go by area not perimeter) which is laughable.
    But you'd think then it crams a lot of excitement into that small map, right? WRONG. The map is as dull as it gets.

    Between the endless repetitions of the same thicket lines and hedgerows and stone walls there is not much scenery to speak of.
    There is one tiny city, but most races take place on the open roads anyway.

    The game has character customization but it seems like nothing but an appalling front to push microtransactions,
    as 99% of the clothing items are paywalled. And there is no actual character customization you can just select from a bunch of presets, all of whom look like millenials.

    At first the game gave me the impression that it will have some story, but that was too much to hope for as it turns out. And it all culminated in the biggest disappointment I ever had in any game.

    Do you know why you are racing in the single player part of the game? To unlock the MMO part! That is your reward. It's a scam!
    I was excited to find what is this horizon roster they were talking about only to find that it just means the competitive online portion of the game. What a bummer.

    You can also purchase houses in game, but they have no purpose as far as I can tell. You don't need garage space to store cars as in TDU, and they don't serve any other functionality either,
    you can't even hang out in your bungalow. That's where you start from when you load up the game, that's it.

    So the game went full circle for me. Like so:
    1. At the beginning: Terrible!
    2. After 1 hour: this is actually not that bad
    3. After 2 hours: it is actually good
    4. After 4 hours: ok now it started to get boring
    5. Reaching the goal: Oh no this is Terrible!

    Let's see the pros and cons:

    • OK Graphics
    • Weather effects
    • Changing seasons
    • Driving model for an arcade game
    • The Stunt driver challenges were fun
    • Soundtrack
    • Small map
    • Not the greatest choice of location
    • Pointless avatar customization (microtrans bait)
    • The goal of the single player bit is to unlock the multiplayer bit
    • Shameless plugging of DLCs and microtransactions at every turn
    • The Top Gear bit’s secret purpose is to make you hate Chris Harris
    • Catch up, and terribly scripted seasonal showcases
    • Opponents in races are always exactly matched to your car
    • Pointless to upgrade / switch cars due to the above
    The verdict:

    graphics/realization: 8/10
    story/atmosphere: 5/10
    gameplay/controls: 7/10
    overall impression: 6/10

    If you have a Game Pass for PC, it's worth to check it out, but I'd not recommend it as a buy if you just want a good SP game like me.
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    Oct 12, 2005
    Remnant from the Ashes:

    When you where playing through Dark Souls did you ever wish you had guns, or more Cthulu in your game? Well this is the game for you.

    A multiplayer Dark Souls clone set in a post apocalyptic earth where you battle against the forces of The Root (Cthulu).

    Its not as hard as dark souls, but still challenging it makes a good entry point for people curious about this type of game but frustrated with the difficulty curve.

    Its a good looking game, excellent lighting and animations, the starting environment is the typical grey and brown pallet express of other post apocalyptic games, but this changes as you progress so you can look forward to more than just grey/brown environments.

    Combat centers around a run and gun play style, there is little for cover actions (which I like) and forces you to keep moving. Gun play is pretty tight and the melee is serviceable.

    Progress is done in two areas, the first is collecting traits and trait points via experience to spend on various traits al'la leveling. The second is collecting materials to upgrade your armor and weapons, on boss fights you usually pick up a unique material that can be crafted into new gear and mods.

    Like Dark Souls there are many hidden items, upgrades, and alternative ways to kill bosses for different loot.

    Multiplayer is where it shines, playing though various Cthuluian nightmares with friends is a blast.

    The game is light on story much like others in the genre, most of it is pieced together from various notes and dialogue throughout the game. Where it does shine is in atmosphere, from the collapsing buildings of American city X to desert wastelands and fetid jungles, I was always looking forward to what we would see next.

    The only wasted potential is that the game doesn't screw with you enough for a Cthulu nightmare, it has its moments but they really could have done a lot more (see Control as a good example).

    As for replayability, it isn't as deep as Dark Souls, 2-3 runs through the game and you'll have seen and collected most things. A patch is introducing the ability to replace specific areas for loot which will shorten that. My first run took about 40 hours, the second was 20, and third only about 10 all in just knowing what is coming and what to do.

    Graphics: 8/10
    Story: 6/10
    Atmosphere: 9/10
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Overall: 8/10

    Bottom Line: Worth it if you fit one or more of the following - Like Dark Souls like games. Enjoy Cthulu like games. Have friends to play with. Want atmosphere over story.
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    Beyond Two Souls

    This is another interactive movie style type of game. These games always seem hit or miss because they don't seem to hit a good balance of gameplay or narrative quality. So how does this one hold up?

    Gameplay itself is boring. Largely QTE based, with small choices that make micro but ultimately non-story altering changes to the story and dialogue. There are some combat sections but again this feels lacking. Options are very pre-determined with no real alternatives to a situation. Movement controls are decent for this type of game but still leave some room for improvement. For the most part you walk around and press a button for your other soul thing to manipulate something for you.

    The story itself is passable but not very well developed for what is essentially an interactive movie. The story jumps back and fourth between the main characters life (although there are options to change the ordering). The end result of the story is a bit more gibberish than anything else without much strong or sensible explanation. I understand it is fiction, but many things leave you scratching your head at the relative stupidity. The ending gives you some last minute decisions to change the end cut scenes such as choosing to stay with characters who had 5 minutes of screen time and maybe 7-8 lines of dialogue over an actual supporting character which just makes no sense.

    The feel of the story and main character herself seems like something out of a TV channel oriented towards women. She is apparently mature enough to join highly secretive government organizations, and then has a teenage girl tantrum when common sense and reality hits her in the face. A major supporting character is Prince Charming, your recruiter, lead training guy, the guy who briefs you on missions in country, goes on missions and someone your character has a relationship with. How one guy can do so many different jobs is laughable.

    Graphically the game looks fine as an older game. As a port it worked fine and I don't recall any major short comings. Stability was fine. Performance was fine. Menu design and all that, average.

    The game needed a better story more grounded in reality rather than a low budget soap opera TV show. Gameplay could have been better as well. That would push it more into a action adventure genre, but I don't see the point in making games QTE based gameplay experiences in the first place unless the story really is that good. Which this game isn't.

    6 / 10

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Legacy Of The First Blade & Fate of Atlantis

    Played the DLC for one of the worst games I've played in years. Why? Because it was free and there wasn't much else I wanted to play and I wanted to see just how much worse they could make the game. View my review on the main game in the previous page. Does this DLC improve the contradictory leveling system, grind based mechanics, poor narrative and repetitive gameplay? No, it just copy/pastes the same crap again in new maps. The mission design centers around the same 4-5 mission types in the base game wrapped around new dialogue which is mostly irrelevant. Go here, hold Y to collect this new thing. Clear out the same types of red zones / enemy camps that you did around 30 times in the base game. What to decide the fate of a certain realm that isn't on Earth? Well, that is done via the same "Conquest Battles" from the main game. Those battles between Sparta and Athens, which are entirely irrelevant and you pick sides for because one nation gives you better loot? Yeah, that is the ending mission of one DLC.

    Legacy Of The First Blade acts as a sequel to the story of Alexios (or Kassandra). Essentially you do the same few tasks and somehow fall in love with an NPC that has no real character development. Throughout the game you meet many faceless people like her with a heart by certain dialogue choices and now all of a sudden this character forcefully becomes a major character that alters the protagonists life. What? Why? It felt so forced and unnatural. Bad animations, generic voice acting and poor writing make this standout terribly. Metro Exodus had far more life like characters and most of those were side characters in a survival shooter. It puts this DLC to shame story wise. Likewise due to the open nature of this game the events are thrown in the trash as soon as the missions end and everything is back to normal.

    Fate of Atlantis is more of the same. The first episode has a disjointed story that makes little sense. The writing is awful and the quest layout is likewise awful. You might make an action or choose a path to help one faction only for the next to contradict it entirely. I had no idea if I was supposed to pick a side or if the game did that for me. The game simply doesn't make it clear which makes the the whole thing an absolute clusterfuck of a story. Map wise the first episode was an absolute pain in the ass to traverse. Lots of climbing, rivers that make horse travel a pain in the ass. Pretty but horrible map to play in.

    Second episode is largely based off of the same button mashing to kill super human people that do did in the main game when fighting mercenaries. The main goal is to kill a bunch of them. Enjoy mashing the attack and dodge button 50 times? Good. Prepare to impale a man 50 times while setting him on fire like a cartoon. Map traversing isn't nearly as bad in this episode.

    Third episode. Finally Atlantis itself! Same old crap gameplay though. Same few tasks from the previous episodes, which are the same few given dozens of times each in the base game. Nothing interesting to actually see or do in Atlantis. No real gameplay changes. Just a slight artwork change otherwise it is business as usual. Generic places with nothing to do but picking up money and literal junk like apples. Is this really what they decided to focus on in Atlantis? Shame.

    The grind is still there. Good luck settling on a build style. Want to maximize hunter damage? Too bad because upgrading your gear is impossible. 15,000 upgrade a item when a mission dishes out 3,000 at best. You level up faster than you can afford to upgrade. You can pick up some decent randomly dropped gear occasionally but it ruins your build. This is the only game where you dread leveling up because your gear turns to shit and you loose your build focus. Utterly pathetic.

    Modern day setting returns with Layla Hassan, the intelligent scientist who reinvented the animus, is an expert at using it and mitigating the bleeding effect, an expert hacker, an expert fighter, a nerd and someone who has a cringe worthy voice and despite her intelligence and clearly nerdy interests talks like an idiot with an faux ebonic accent. That is... a lot of things to be good at and a lot of checklists to tick off. Remember Desmond? At least he was believable because he wasn't an expert at everything in the world. The modern day events conclude with a cringe worthy fight that makes no sense due to the absolute stupidity of the attacker.

    What a mess. I expected as much though.

    4 / 10
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    Jun 12, 2012
    Actually that was a common misconception about the game back in the day. There are lots of seamless story altering choices, but people don't even realize they are making them so everyone thinks the story / outcome they get for each episode is the only possible outcome.
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    Jul 25, 2005
    Axiom Verge. Not as good as the classics Metroid or Castlevania but still worth it. Bump up the grade by one if you are a big fan of those games, however. The biggest gripes are weak sound effects and some gameplay misses. For instance, game could use a teleport feature between save points. Grappling hook mechanics are not as good as in other games. And I would have liked it if they marked the map when you pick up powerups in order to make going for 100% easier to manage. Perhaps the most amazing thing is the game was developed by just one guy! That is a fantastic accomplishment. Game is cheap and worth playing.
    Graphics A
    Music A
    Sound effects C
    Gameplay B
    Overall B+
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    Nov 18, 2006

    If you wanted to know what an 80s movie turned into a game put in a sci-fi setting would look like, play this game.

    Basically mindless action. Passable story that is very cliche. Gun selection is decent, with most of them being useful. The environments are interesting but the game does very little in terms of letting you explore due to the game being more linear then a straight line. Due to the length of the campaign, linear levels and almost no interaction, there is very little world building as you just move from point A to point B while smashing robots on the way.. Had fun in the short campaign but defiantly a buy on a sale game.
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    Sep 2, 2004
    After hearing about Control, I went and finally played through Alan Wake. Pretty much binged the whole thing over the last few days, though it only took about 10 hours to complete.

    Really enjoyed it, though the combat toward the end did start feeling a bit samey. It was nice when they introduced new weapons over time, so there was always something fresh and cool, but about 3/4 or so of the way through that stops and it gets a bit monotonous. Also, it felt like about 50% of the game was just running through a forest with not much happening.

    Overall though, 8/10 game. Story was pretty decent, and overall it kept me engaged. Had some annoying/frustrating parts where it felt like you died cheaply sometimes, but thankfully not many of those. Graphically dated, which is to be expected, though some of the textures did look really good, as if it was remastered a bit or something. Although, texture quality could also be quite varied, even on similar textures. The license plates on cars are a good example of this - some of them are very sharp and legible, some are just a pixelated mess. No real apparent reason why.
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    Sep 2, 2004
    Checked out your whole review, and in many ways I can't disagree, although on the whole I do enjoy FH4 a lot (I must have 100+ hours in by now, and nearly every car in the game). But I wanted to address this because it's straight-up inaccurate. None of the clothing in-game is purchasable by real money, excluding the VIP stuff you get if you buy the VIP pack, which is only one set of clothing.

    All of it is either achieved through a) getting different race types up to certain levels, b) buying through the Forzathon shop (all in-game currency) or c) winning via slot-machine-like Wheelspins. Not that these are great options, TBH, but still no real money involved. That said, the character stuff is dumb and a waste of time for the most part. It really is geared toward the stereotypical "millenial" because most of it attempts to just be "quirky" or have meme-related win poses like dabbing and shit. I don't really care for the character stuff, and neither does a large percentage of the Forza fanbase from what I have read. Hopefully in Horizon 5 they will go back to the drawing board on that stuff.

    The biggest faults in this game IMO are 1) horrible, cheating and overly-aggressive AI and 2) shitty forced MP activities for exclusive/rare cars. You touched on it a bit with the AI that matches you, but it's even worse than that, because they will outperform you in a car that is completely unable to perform in that way if you were to use it yourself. For example, you in an S2-class Lambo, and them in an S2-class Ford Van, and they will manage to be faster and more maneuverable than you. Not only that, but the AI is practically unmovable and will shove you off the track at any opportunity. They just blindly follow a path, and if you come between them and that path, well...most of the time, you're fucked. The online stuff is technically optional, but for some of the really cool and new cars, you are forced to do it, and a lot of it is timed (weekly/daily) challenges that can be really frustrating.
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    Jun 12, 2012
    All I saw that there are maybe 50 different items under each category of which a grand total of 2 or 3 was unlocked by the time I finished the horizon roster. I might check it out later but I was convinced they can be unlocked with real money, and not trough playing the game. Or at least extremely tedious that way.
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    Sep 2, 2004
    Extremely tedious, yes, but no real money involved. The most common way you get them is randomly via the slot machine Wheelspin thing. The only good thing about that is once you unlock a certain clothing item, you won't ever get duplicates, but it instead converts them to a piddly amount of money (generally like 2k or 5k credits).

    Wheelspins you get by making progress in the game, doing challenges, etc. You can't buy those with real money, either.
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    Jun 12, 2012
    With being tied to microtransactions it would at least make sense, but if they don't even make money off of it then it is just a terrible design for no reason. I don't know which is worse.
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    Sep 2, 2004
    Yeah, it is pretty bad, I can agree with you there.
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    Jun 19, 2009
    It was a good game. Story was interesting enough and the pacing was good. Had it been longer I could see the combat getting old. Thankfully Remedy knows when to finish a game. I'd suggest Control as well, good game overall.
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    Sep 2, 2004
    Yeah, I think I will do the American Nightmare DLC for Alan Wake, and then check out Control.

    I agree that it wasn't TOO bad as far as the combat/environment getting stale, but near the end I did find myself not really bothering to explore areas for the collectibles because I just wanted to get through it.
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    Jun 19, 2009
    American Nightmare is okay but a tad repetitive but at least there is a reason for it. I preferred the main game but would still play AN because it concludes the story.
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    Feb 18, 2005
    Finally beat the messanger and it's dlc. This game was really fun and some parts were insanely hard! I wish we could see more sidescroller games in the 16 bit world kinda sad there aren't more...I really hope one day someone creates a dark Sci fi game similar to super Metroid...
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    Nov 18, 2006
    Finished a lot of games lately but haven't really bothered to post about them...

    I recently finish Dreamfall Chapters. I had an enjoyable time while playing it, it was relaxing. It is a walking simulator with like 20 minutes of cut scenes and dialog between the walking bits, but what an amazing world they built. I just felt like exploring every corner of the levels and listening to all of the dialog. You can make minor alterations to the game with your choices, it will alter dialog and some events. Its not a huge change but its noticeable.

    Not really much to say I guess. If you don't mind soaking in a game for its environments, characters, story, while basically just clicking items or NPCs, I think the game is worthy of a play through to experience. I hope the developers make another game in this setting. I might even go back and play some of the earlier games at some point to get more of the back story.
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    Apr 12, 2016
    I loved the Longest Journey and Dreamfall. Glad to know the 3rd game is good. It's been in my back log for quite a while. I need to move it up the line and play it.
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    Jun 12, 2012
    The Outer Worlds (2019)


    Just put everything in the pot, stir, don't shake, that's all.

    Easier said than done right. And this is done right. But let's start at the beginnings. I wasn't expecting much of this game, and had no intention of buying it especially after they announced it as an Epic exclusive. But actually the only reason to not buy it is that it is exclusively on two of the shittiest platforms that PC has currently. The Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store.

    So am I a hypocrite or a pirate? I'm sorry to disappoint, but neither. I come by the game because I recently purchased an AMD CPU which came bundled with a 3 month Xbox Games Pass for PC subscription. Which allowed me to play the game literally for free. I'd never put up my own money towards any subscription on live service when it comes to gaming. I feel that subscription and live services puts unnecessary pressure on the player to play the game, even when they don't necessarily want to. Even with this 3 month period I felt somewhat pressured to finish the game before it runs out. I like to experience games at my own leisure. But Fear of Missing Out makes that impossible for live service games. And the bad feeling of wasting money makes it impossible for subscriptions. That is why I firmly believe that along with microtransactions live services and subscriptions are a cancer for gaming that needs to be cut out.

    But I digress, let's talk about the actual game. As mentioned I didn't expect a great game, I expected an OK game at best, with lots of bugs and issues. Instead first few hours of the game were flawless, both in quality and presentation. I admit I was captivated by it. It all just felt right. The gunplay is remarkably enjoyable far better than in Fallout 4 for comparison. The graphics isn't great but good enough. What most got to me is the atmosphere and the slight humour and sarcastic undertones.

    It is true that you can see the influence of many things that came before. Most notably Mass Effect 2, Fallout New Vegas, Bioshock, even pop culture. Your ship, yes you get a ship, and her crew reminded me of Firefly. But instead of space western this is more like space steampunk.

    I had a fear that the game will have a bad case of the woke, but thankfully that is not true. Some might argue that the mere number of female characters in high power positions and the existence of a same sex relationship makes this an SJW game, but that is not true. They do not try to drill anything into you, there are no snide remarks at the expense of straightness or males. I never for once thought during the game that I was being lectured. This game is about as woke as the original Star Trek (not the stupid kelvin timeline). Meaning female characters aren't prop pieces, they feel natural in their roles, you never question how they earned their position.

    The game structure is most similar to Mass Effect 2, you have a main story, and along the way you meet people who you can hire as crew to go with you. But it is not forced on you, you can turn any of them down, and even send them away after you hired them, if you want to.

    But it is actually good to have them around, while not for directly conversing with them. As unfortunately you cannot romance them or even discuss things with them like in Mass Effect. But because their skills compliment your own. So when you go on a mission a medic can boost your medical skills. Or a person familiar with locks can grant you lockpicking skills even if your own character has zero. Or taking an intimidating figure will help you in conversations with NPCs. And speaking about conversations your companions sometimes actually chip in during those. Offer their opinions or disapproval of your actions. The companions all have personal missions again a'la Mass Effect 2, but here the consequences of not doing them are not final if you know what I mean.

    By far the most rewarding companion quest is the one you do for Parvati, which is actually the ominous quest that offended some puritan conservatives. I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but grin as she stumbles her way trough that journey. Hating the character for being gay is just wrong.

    The game has many skills that are treated similarly to New Vegas. And also there is a hardcore mode in the game where you have to drink, eat and sleep to stay alive. I loved hardcore mode in NV, but here it has a serious bad side that prevented me from even trying it. Your companions actually die permanently when their health runs out during fights. And judging by how suicidal their AI is, I imagine playing with permadeath must be a nightmare. Unless you never actually take them to missions. There is a perk you can unlock that gives them a second change, but it is 5th tier perk which doesn't even unlock until the very end of the game, rendering it pointless.

    Another issue with the game, that the initial awe didn't last, 4-5 hours in the game does loose its steam somewhat. It still remains enjoyable, but no longer feels like a masterpiece. Without rushing too badly, but definitely not exploring everything or doing every side quest it took me 16 hours to finish the main story. Which might sound disappointing to some people, but I think it is OK. Padding the game would only make it boring. The sweet spot is around 30-40 hours for me. A good story driven game has no business taking more than that amount of my time. I don't want DA:I and AC:Odyssey style sandboxes where you repeat the same tasks ad nauseum at different locations. In Outer Worlds, there is no repetition. And more importantly almost zero backtracking. Which actually contributes to it being so short, as I never had to retrace my steps since you can fast travel directly back to your ship from most locations.

    The story was about the most underwhelming part of the game. It really didn't grab my attention. It's there but I never felt emotionally attached to the outcome at any point during the game. The only characters that I actually felt mattered were my crew (at least the 4 I liked). Speaking of the crew about the most source of fun in the game is their banter, so you must take them out in different combinations for that alone.

    I think I about covered everything of interest, so let's see the pros and cons:

    • Atmosphere
    • Comedic aspect
    • You can hire your crew
    • Graphics design
    • Skill system
    • Crew banter
    • Full character face customization
    • Your ship AI
    • Too few big hub locations
    • The main story is not interesting
    • Can't have meaningful conversations with your crew or romance any of them
    • Game is a bit too easy.
    • Hardcore mode ruined by permadeath for companions
    • Looses steam about 1/3 way trough
    • Not really that many complex side missions apart from the companion ones
    • some bugs, and I ran into one game breaking bug
    • Doesn't handle ultrawide correctly (cutscenes and load screens streched)
    • Some necessary settings can only be adjusted by ini editing
    The verdict:

    graphics: 7/10
    atmosphere: 10/10
    story: 6/10
    gameplay: 9/10
    technical: 7/10 (new category for the QA aspects how bug free / stable is the game)

    overall impression: 8/10
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