request - coolest, quietest, cleanest power


Jan 26, 2007
building a moderate requirements pc.

small case - lian li A05B
e6600 conroe
mebbe the xtx passively cooled 512M video card
couple of seagate drives
optical drive

thats about it. wont be cranking OC (maybe a little bit down the road).

im looking for insurance here - i want the best quality, cleanest power PSU. the only hardware failures ive experienced in 10 years of building comps is the power supply. i had a 14.4k modem that i bought from frys in 1996 literally catch fire, but that was a $100 special so i deserved it. but i digress...

i dont mind paying more for a better quality psu, even if im not going to use all the juice.

thanks in advance for recommendations.
Corsair HX 620 (If you are planning on SLi / Crossfire)
Corsair HX 520
Seasonic S12-EP 550
Seasonic S12-EP 650
Seasonic M12 700
Seasonic M12 600
Seasonic/Corsair +1

+1 +1 ?

I have the Seasonic S12-550, and it has stabilized my system like no other PSU has. I know several other peeps with it and they are pleased a punch as well. I don't have any experience with the M12 series, as I do like the idea of the modular cables, to me it's one more point of possible failure.. call me old school (because I am).

Am I right in understanding that the Corsair PSU's are rebranded Seasonics?

I will say the PCP&C silent 610 is a nice PSU, we put one in our back up server at work and I am impressed with it, but the Seasonic 550 is more effiecient :), which i Like. Mine barely gets warm.
i pulled the trigger for the 550w seasonic energy version.

thanks for the feedback everyone. hopefully everything i purchased will fit inside my little lian li A05B case.