Request: Article/Testing on Ryzen Dual-density RAM challenges

Nov 2, 2004
Greetings OCP-crew.

I've noticed that most of the Ryzen benchmarking seems to be focused on 16G configurations, which means you get to use the single-density sticks, which run DDR4-3200 (and higher) with some tweaking. However, using 16G sticks, pushes you into dual-density sticks, with even with B-die, leaves you with much lower clocks. Seems like about the best tweakers are getting 2900-ish, but can't push into 3200.

It would be cool to see an evaluation article comparing 16G/32G/etc sticks, couple different motherboards, showing the best memory speeds/performance possible under Ryzen. Kinda hoping that during this testing you find 16G sticks that will run at DDR4-3200, so we can all buy them!

Thanks again for keeping HardOCP awesome though the years!


Apr 13, 2006
I run 3200 on my dual density 32GB. It's just very picky and you have to hand tweak some settings to get it right. To be honest I saw little difference at 3000 to 3200, tho I did on the motherboard they hate which is the Crosshair VI.