Replacing the thermal paste on a Sapphire Pulse 5700xt

Rev. Night

Limp Gawd
Mar 30, 2004
ok so results! I was able to do several COD sessions at 40% PWM and 50% PWM (horizontal line fan curve across all temps) and then a gradual curve from 20-45% PWM (realistic fan curve, because who wants to hear full power at idle).

Stock Paste/Stock Fans:
Core: 75C
Junction: 90C
PWM set to 20-50% but kinda loud

Noctua NT-H1/Stock fans:
Core: 73C (improvement of 2C)
Junction: 83C (improvement of 7C)
PWM set to 20-50% but kinda loud

Noctua NT-H1/Custom Arctic P12 fan bracket:
90% PWM: 66C, 76C
70% PWM: 69C, 78C
50% PWM: 73C, 83C
45% PWM: 76C, 85C
40% PWM: 80C, 90C
Somewhat cooler temps, significantly cooler if you go up in PWM, but its alot quieter.

TG Conductonaught/Custom Arctic P12 fan bracket:
50% PWM: Starts at 67, 76, ends at 69C, 78C. (Improvement of 4C core, 5C junction)
20-45% PWM: 76C, 85C (Improvement of no C to 4C core, 5C junction)
40% PWM: 78C, 88C (Improvement of 2C core, 2C junction)

So where does this leave us? Improvement from Stock paste to LM is huge, up to 6C core and 14C Junction, even more if you really speed up the fans. Noctua NT-H1 will offer middle ground improvement with TG Kyro offering maybe a C or 2 better. The custom 120mm fan bracket does a great job over stock Sapphire Pulse 92mm fans. Overall, this is a good project to do especially if you are about to do a CPU delid, since you will have all the stuff you need already.