Replacing key caps on Cooler Master QuickFire TKL

May 31, 2013
I bought the QuickFire TKL since I thought my K95 was going bad. I got the QF today and saw that it came with wasd key caps. I used the puller and then as I was putting the new red caps on I noticed the caps didn't go on so easily. I pulled out the little booklet that came with the kb and it said to not force the key caps on. However, when I compared the key caps undersides, the + appeared to be slightly smaller different than the key caps that were already installed.

So I tried all different angles to placing the cap on and none helped. I ultimately just had to use a tiny bit of force to push the cap on and then as well when I pushed it down. Did I just break my keyboard? How much force is truly needed? Perhaps I got a defective batch? The + did look a tiny bit smaller than the one that was already installed.


Limp Gawd
Nov 8, 2007
Does you keyboard still work? If yes, then no you didn't break it.

Cherry mx stems are uniform. Different keycap materials may shrink a bit after casting. You could check the diameter of your stems.