Replacement fan for 9800 pro


Sep 2, 2002
Hello Everyone,

I have a Radeon 9800 pro that is about 2 months old and the fan on the original heasink is sounded really bad, the sound that its about to go. I tried to add more oil to the bearings but that did no good. I emailed ati about the issue but I have yet to hear back from them.I was wondering if there is a place that sells the fan or if ati does. I checked their store and I also checked google but I could not find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Why not replace it with something better? A VGA Silencer cools very good, is near silent, and expells the hot air out of your case. If you remove the original hsf, you will void the warranty. If you really want an OEM replacement, I have one laying around here somewhere, but its missing the pushpins.
Just putting a few drops in the fan would void the warranty, well I guess I might as well get a after market cooler for it then if that is the case. To tell you the truth you can not even tell I added any oil to the fan. I pilled the sticker back and dropped a few drops in and replaced the sticker. Thanks for your advice.
I soulderd one of those small rectangular things back on after it fell off (Pulling it out of the package) Few months later it died, but warrenty was still good because the RMA came back. :) Just depends on what it dies from and how closely they look.