replacement board for sv25, blown caps. need help ASAP


Feb 7, 2001
OK, I am now being caught up in the bad cap fiasko, and I need to repair a couple clients PC's which used the shuttle SV24 and SV25, where do I get replacement motherboards from?

thanks much!


Dec 13, 2002
You'll have a very hard time finding replacement motherboards anywhere, so just do what I did, and replace the caps yourself. I dug out an old motherboard and removed a bunch of caps that were the same capacitance/voltage. I removed the ones on the SV25 mobo that were bad and replaced them with the donor caps.

It's really pretty easy, even if you don't have the greatest soldering skills. And you'll save a ton of money, since your can get the soldering iron and capacitors at radio shack for a couple bucks. Just read the values on the bad ones, and go to rat shack and get ones with the same values. If you can't find the matching voltage, just get some with the next highest value. It doesn't matter. Try to get as close as possible on the capacitance though.

Here's the list of caps you'll need (you can also buy them here, but they are much cheaper at radio shack):

Even if you don't want to do it yourself, this guy will do it for $45 (fv25/24 has less than 14 caps above 1000uF):

Also, shuttle will supposedly service these motherboards for $35, but I've never seen it listed on their support pages. Doesn't hurt to give them a call.

Whoops, that should be voltage doesn't matter, not capacitance. Just a slight typo :)

Edit 2:
Also, from what I saw on my mobo, it was only one type of capacitor that was causing problems, and there were 5 of them (so probably the 1000uF, 10V ones). Those were the only ones I replaced and the system has been stable for months now. It used to crash every couple of minutes or so.