Remote access question I need to work on my dads computer out of town.


Jan 24, 2002
Hi all,

I need to have access to my mom and dads computer to clean it up and clear up some of the spyware issues they are having. Unfortunately they live out of state. :(

They are running WinXp and I'm using Win7 but could use my daughters WinXp computers.

How can I connect to their computer remotely? Doesn't WinXp have remote access and Win7 I know has Remote desktop connection. Can I use either of these and how do I do it?

Only the Professional/ Tablet PC/ Media Center editions of XP can host a remote desktop session. There's also something similar called Remote Assistance but I believe that requires a Windows live account (and last time I tried it, it was a PITA).

To make things simple, just check out LogMeIn Free. All your dad has to do is download the listener app and configure it for your account. All you have to do is log into the website and you should be good to go.
Another vote for teamviewer. Nothing to install, you just run it and have then give you the code(s) on their end to connect to. You don't have to open any firewall ports or anything. It flat out just works.
Hmm well logme in doesn't need somebody to be on the other end to give you a code, so you could even work on it while they're away. Plus the setup is minimal.
Thanks... TeamViewer is working out for me so far. I just don't like the fact that I can't seem to expand my dads desktop on my screen. It only takes up about a 1/4 of my screen.

Will try Logmein next time I have to deal with the in-laws computer across town. :eek:
I love teamviewer. Use it all the time with my parent's computer as well. I like the idea of a password being required so the user knows when you are going to be attaching to them.
Log me in is awesome. You can even create a desktop shortcut for remote computers in your account. No need to login to their website. And LMI express for one time things.
I personally prefer VNC (realVNC version). Once you set it up, it is easy to connect through a VNC client or through any browser using a java applet.
If they have Windows Live Messenger just have them open a conversation with you, go to the menu, then Actions, then Request remote assistance. Very simple and works great. Often times people already have Windows Live Messenger installed beforehand, so you don't have to walk them through installing anything on their computer.