[Release] ProFTPD for VMware ESXi 5.x


Sep 5, 2011
Hi all,

I have created an Offline Bundle that installs the ProFTPD FTP server on ESXi 5.x and enables you to transfer files from and to ESXi hosts using an FTP client. Detailed information is available here: http://proftpd.v-front.de/.

Please note: I am aware of that there are other ways and tools available for transfering files from/to ESXi 5. Out of the box you can use SCP and even SFTP (with ESXi 5.1) after enabling SSH. Veeam's FastSCP tool is another option. Nevertheless using plain FTP might still be useful, e.g. if you want to sacrifice the enhanced security of SSH for the better performance you get without the encryption overhead.

For me this is primarily an educational project: I wanted to find out how you can package and install a network service on ESXi, and as a next step I will share what I have learnt to help others with similar projects.

- Andreas


Apr 8, 2004
From your page "I personally do not see much value in having an FTP server in ESXi," . Well I do. The other methods are slower and prone to failure.

Does it take care of the Esxi firewall rules? I have seen some other postings about FTP and having to open some stuff in the firewall config file.

Will probably be testing tonight..

I appreciate the fact that you created this. THANK YOU!