Reiza Studio's "Formula Truck", PC racing sim{pre-order}


Aug 11, 2011

Reiza are the makers of Game Stock Car 2012{easily one of the best sims ever made, and has 50+tracks}......and now they're on the verge of releasing what they call Formula Truck....big assed racing prime movers{semi's}.

Pre-order price is $25{10% discount}.

I used paypal to buy GSC 2012, and Racedepartment are the official support forums, with members of Reiza staff onboard to help.

As usual, a G27 FFB wheel is strongly recommended to get the absolute best of a PC racing sim, in which you'll experience the best FFB and amazing steering/pedal precision.

Release date is Jan 2013.

Youtube footage at Interlagos.

re...GFX, GSC 2012 looks very good maxed, so don't let these scaled vids put u off.
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