Reinstalling Windows 8 on my Dell Venue Tablet. Help!

Discussion in 'Smart Phones and Devices' started by Ryankirsch13, Oct 26, 2017.

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    Jun 11, 2015
    Long story short. Have a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet. I received it second owner from a person who upgraded it to Windows 10. All sorts of issues, no sound, runs poorly. Want to go back to windows 8 but the recovery partition is gone. My question, is the operating system essentially just a desktop version of windows 8 32bit? I have a windows 8 installation disc, I could make myself a flash drive. Just want to make sure before I attempt to reinstall windows 8 and end up bricking my tablet. Google offers little advice that I can accurately follow. Thanks all!
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    I can't speak to the Dell but my HP Stream uses a stripped down version of Windows 8. I had the same problems with ruined a great little tablet. I ordered a usb stick from HP that reinstalls Windows Signature Edition. Apparently it has a smaller footprint for these types of devices. I'm sure you could get the windows image from Dell.
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    What you need is what's known as "Windows 8.1 with Bing" which is the OEM specific version released to manufacturers like Dell and it has the Royalty OEM Product Key embedded as required. While I used to have that ISO around (because I owned a Dell Venue 8 Pro myself at one time and required it, I didn't get it from Dell btw) I don't any longer so if you do a search online for the following SHA1 hash:

    File info: X19-57134_SW_DVD9_NTRL_Win_with_Bing_8.1_32BIT_English_OEM.img
    Size: 2.77 GB
    SHA1: 63422A198729941F47E7F3563197B1F3AC8C5640
    Language – en-US (United States locale)
    you'll be able to track the ISO down at some point. This is the same ISO that's used for various manufacturers including Dell, HP, Samsung, Acer, and many others so it's not like you have to go tracking down a manufacturer-specific edition of it. Even though the title of the media says DVD9 it's actually not that large obviously (barely 2.8GB) and if you do acquire it you'll need to alter the extension to *.iso and then you can transfer it to any USB stick or even burn it to actual optical DVD media if you have a USB optical drive.

    I used that ISO myself several times to restore not only my Venue 8 Pro but also several others for various clients when those tablets were somewhat popular but that didn't last very long at all. Regardless, that's the installation media you'll need to get it done without issues. If you use plain old vanilla Windows 8 or 8.1 media of any kind it's not going to work - it will crap out after the installation, it will ask you for a Product Key and no matter which one you input (even the Dell Royalty OEM Product Key if you extract it from the BIOS/UEFI on the tablet) it won't accept it, at least it never did in multiple attempts with my own Venue 8 Pro tablet.

    Once I discovered I had to have THAT specific ISO, "with Bing," I acquired it, transferred it to a USB stick using Microsoft's Windows USB DVD Download Tool (silly name but it works fine) and had Windows 8.1 "with Bing" installed on my Venue 8 Pro tablet roughly 20 minutes later without skipping a beat the first time I tried.

    Good luck.