Refurb Dell Servers- Nonprofit on a Budget of $2500

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    I’m looking to spec out a new server for a nonprofit situation of about 25-50 users. A small AD environment with a couple of light database server needs. They are running on a ~2005 HP tower server with 1 GB of RAM and Server 2003 OS. They also use it as a file server.

    I quoted a couple of configs. The first was from ServerMonkey for about $1800. It was an R710 with 4 TB / dual Xeons / 64 GB RAM.

    The other was from xByte. It’s an R720 with a single Xeon, 4TB, and 32 GB RAM for $2500.

    Both include 3 years of NBD warranty.

    I’m going to run about 3-4 VMs of Server 2016 for the various applications.

    I’ve also looked at new servers but feel like I am highly restricted by the budget compared to the refurb options.

    I quoted an R230 with a single low end Xeon and 32 GB RAM for about $2300.

    What would you do?

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    Those cost seems really high for the amount of resources you're getting, I recommend looking for second hand equipment elsewhere.
    Look for something local, clist, even ebay then contact a 3rd party warranty option like Parkplace Technologies, the R710/720s are about $30/month +- for NBD coverage and that covers replacement parts or having a tech on site to repair if needed (or just ship the parts to you if its something basic like a bad drive).

    Here's one on ebay for $350 with dual 6core CPU, 128GB of ram, and 12TB of storage (less if raided which I recommend at minimum raid 5), you could pickup a set of rails and a bezel for another $50-75:

    There are many other options there that you could suit your needs with, even look at a pair of servers for HA, or upgraded network equipment with $2500 budget (or buy Microsoft licenses with the leftover costs).
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    They have tons of refurbs on newegg from a at leat two reputable sellers, and some really good deals if you are not tied to form factor.
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    Dell off-lease usually isn't too bad....item options vary day to day so ymmv.
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    I would find an older 4P AMD G34 setup with the fastest CPU (6176 or 6276 CPUs) and load it up with as much DDR3 (DDR3 is cheap these days) and as many hard drives as needed. You can get a Dell R815 servers on eBay for 1/3 of your budget.

    If you look you can find them a little cheaper. I think some Dell R810 servers (With Xeons) can be had for a couple hundred more dollars as well on eBay. Buy two of them. Run one as a primary and one as a backup/fail safe if the primary server ever goes down for whatever reason.