Reformat - my stuff's all retarded and junk


Jan 15, 2010
So I reformatted yesterday, as I've done before - all programs and files backed up, all I do is go through the folder and run all the .exes, back to normal within two hours. Usually.

This time I've reformatted and gone through the process, and certain application windows just fail to load the interface properly, instead displaying a white screen. All drivers are latest stable:


Any ideas what might be causing this? It's pretty irritating.

That album art downloader thing is a plugin for foobar2000, by the way. Again, the latest versions.

I thought it might be java, but I've installed x64 and x32 bit versions manually, let it install automatically using the online installer (obviously uninstalling and clearing the registry each time) with no luck. Other java applications like JDownloader and Minecraft work, so it doesn't seem to be that.

Interestingly, I can still interact with the applications by clicking around and stumbling across an invisible button here and there. It's just not loading the GUI.