Recommended wireless headset headphones with microphone ?


Limp Gawd
Oct 5, 2011
My G930 hurts my head after 2+ hours of conference calls. Looking for recommendations. My needs are:
- Comfort, not hurting my head after several hours.
- As long battery life as possible.
- 20 meters range.
- Crystal clear microphone.
- Led showing microphone is muted or other way of knowing.


Sep 10, 2014
My wife got me a Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless for Christmas.
  • comfort really depends on your head size/shape, I find that the "ski goggle" fit is love it or hate it, and so are the earcups
  • battery life is decent, but what I find to be pretty good is that it's user-replaceable and you have a spare in the base station to hot-swap
  • 20m range is dependent on LOS and frequency degradation through walls, etc.
  • microphone is okay, but I find that it does a commendable job of noise cancellation
  • mute LED brightness can be adjusted in software
Features I think don't get enough credit:
  • dual sources at the same time- the base station transmits 2.4GHz RF (funny how we're back to this) and the headset itself has BT 4.1
  • you can get third-party batteries
  • chatmix (on the PC) which means there are two audio devices, one for simulated 7.1 audio, and one as a "headset" audio/mic combination
I realize that $300+ is not an easy "try before you buy" kind of thing.

Otherwise, I would go with some kind of purpose-built headset (i.e. not a gaming headphone/headset combo) from Plantronics (I think they are now Polycom, or some merger?) or something like that.


Oct 23, 2007
Jabra Evolve 65. Best headset I've ever owned. Battery lasts all day, clear speaker / signal, and great microphone. Also designed to work with Webex, Zoom, and Teams. I bought a cheap one off Amazon before I got this one Open Box off Ebay for $50 bucks. Was well worth it. The cheap one I sent back as it was terrible in comparison. It beeps every 30 seconds to let you know its muted. Could be a minute. Never really timed it. Just download Jabra Direct for your pc and it'll be configurable then.