Recommendations for a mouse that stands up to absurd amounts of right-clicking


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 6, 2005
Basically, I'm looking for a mouse that will stand up to the abuse of a typical League of Legends player, preferably for more than 6 months.

I have a CM Storm Sentinel Advance II whose right-click button is now totally flat after playing LoL casually for 6 months. It's impossible to use it comfortably because you can't rest your finger on it anymore and the button itself is now very sensitive. I could blow on it and the press would register.

I have a Steel Series WoW Edition mouse that I will be using temporarily, not my favorite mouse ever but it will do.

So is there such a mouse out there that can stand up to the abuse of a typical LoL player?
Errr... I don't know what was up with your CM mouse but every mouse I've owned has been able to at least stand 6 months of moba/RTS/fps use. Maybe you got a lemon?

My current mouse of a year is the logitech g500, my mouse for 6 years before that was a consumer mouse, Logitech M500 (well the older version of it). I only swapped out the M500 because I needed another mouse for another pc, the M500 is still in use today.
I had a feeling it might be a lemon, I've never seen this happen before either. I'll probably just RMA it and hope for the best for now.
my tron razor mouse doesn't have any button problems if you can get used to the hand position
though the mousepad kills my wrist after extended use
My Logitech G400 lasted many years (still just as good as new) of gaming, and my G700 seems to be going strong after two years of gaming.