Recommendation request (low response/weaker colors vs. resolution/ips)


Limp Gawd
Feb 9, 2012
I've been searching around the net and taking a look at what I might be interested in for the past week or so, and it seems like there are two sections of the market right now that I can choose from:

1. High end 1920x1080 TN panels (possibly with lightboost to help) that have extremely fast response times.
2. IPS panels with gaming in mind, that have a wider and truer color gamut but slower response times.

The main two I've been interested in have been the BenQ XL2720T (in the first category of monitors) and the Asus PB278Q (the second category).

Note that I have an AMD card so I'm honestly not sure how easy it is to calibrate a lightboost monitor or how well it works with AMD since it's an nvidia technology and the only way I know of it working on AMD cards is through a specific software.
Right now I'm working with this:

Hooked up to a 7970 with a modest overclock of 1100/1500, and I'm mostly looking for info; preferably from people who have used both, though all input is welcome, as to how noticeable the actual tradeoffs are in terms of less resolution/colors or losing the higher refresh rate/lower response times. I've read forums and reviews and some people seem to think the lightboost is the best thing to ever exist, whereas other people/sites practically dry heave at the sight of TN panels ( )

Or is it even worth it to "upgrade" for me right now? Both technologies seem like they need a bit of work, the lightboost is basically just forcing the monitor to run 3d mode in 2d for a specific strobing benefit, and the IPS panels have a lot of issues with dead pixels, flickering, and consistency across the panel in terms of coloration differences and backlight bleeding.
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