Recommendation/problem: USB hub to extend signal for wireless devices


Nov 18, 2004
Hi guys!

I could really use help as I have a Sculp Ergonomic keyboard and the typing is severly delayed if I am more than 5 feet away from the computer.

I finally realized it's a line of site issue so I was thinking if I got a usb hub that sits on the top of my computer it would solve the line of site issue.

Would you guys have any recommendations for a USB HUB that would work and accept USB-C devices as well.

Funny thing is that I would use the new Bluetooth Surface Ergonomic keyboard but I hate how wide it is. Figure its important to get those keystrokes in when you are gaming / writing emails.

Anyone have any ideas why there are problems with the wifi dongle for the keyboards? You would think they would have solved this problem over the past 20+ years.


Extremely [H]
Oct 7, 2000
I think its the interference from the system and the case steel. I know that my wireless set(ms) has stutter issues if its plugged into my case front but if I use a hub with a three foot cord and sit it on the ground right below the case it works fine. there is basically zero difference in distance but getting away from the case makes it work correctly.


Jan 26, 2010
USB 3.0 can be a big issue with interference as well. Preferably move your wireless dongle away from any in use usb 3 connectors. You might actually want to get a usb 2 hub on a decently sized cable to plug your dongle into, so it's far away from anything usb 3.